30-Minute Step Ball Routine To Get Lean

The step ball workout is rather a simple one but definitely works on the core. It is a workout that is all about balance and you can really tone and work on the most difficult muscles of the body like the abs and thighs, which are definitely not easy to tone. Here is a sample workout that you can do at home or the gym.


This 30-minute Step Ball Routine To Get Lean Exercises Are Surely Amazing For Getting You Sculpted-

Step Ball Aerobics 15 Minutes

For this workout you can take dumbbells in both hands and get grooving. If you want, use a stepper and go up and down the same. Then raise both hands, take it sideways and even backwards to get your arms working out.

This also stretches the body, creates more balance and helps you in getting a cardio workout.

Step Ball Abs 3-4 Minutes

Get on the floor and use the step ball to work on the ab core. You can do the basic ab crunch on this one along with holding the step ball to support your hands, while you do leg rising.

It really works well for toning the muscles here.

Leg Workout 3-4 Minutes

Try do squats and lunges using the step ball for support. What happens here is that when you use the step ball, there is more balance and stability created, which helps you to lose more weight and also get the muscles toned up.

Do lunges on each leg about 15 times and do 2 sets. Along with this, you can do squats here too about 20-30 times.

Upper Body 1-2 Minutes

Do your regular push ups and even back push ups, using the step ball. Place both hands on the ball and then go down all the way, without touching the floor. Legs should be straight, with balance on the toes. Do 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps each.

Stretching and Cooling Down

Stretching and cooling down is a vital part of the workout too. You can try doing stretching on the ball, balancing on the core and even just sitting and doing light bouncies here. It helps the body to cool down after the workout and all that sweat.


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