4 Best Workout Tips On Stationary Bikes


There are many benefits of aerobic exercises especially riding a stationary bike. You burn calories, you fight away stress and anxiety, you get fitter and everything without causing undue strain to your knees. Not just this, when you ride a stationery bike indoors you get all the benefits of cycling outdoors even during the chilly days or when it is too hot outside or when its raining and you cannot step out. If you love exercise bikes and workout often, here are some quick and easy tips which will definitely help you.

Workout On Stationery Bikes – Quick Tips

Warm Up Is Necessary

Warm Up Is Necessary

Before you start on your favorite bike, you need to warm up lightly, for at least five minutes. Do not start on a high pace as you get on your bike. You need to slowly increase the pace so that your core body temperature rises gradually. Moreover, your muscles and tissues need time to loosen or you might injure yourself.

Intervals Are Necessary


Its good to go steady and slow but until you are not pushing your limits and maximizing the workout. Its important to do intervals – simply alternate very fast pedaling and slow pedaling.
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This helps to strengthen all your leg muscles. It also reduces boredom and keeps you glued to your bike.

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You can ride really fast for four minutes and then slow down to a comfortable pace for next three minutes.

Resistance Adjusting

Resistance Adjusting

When working out on a stationary bike, you need to increase speed as well as increase resistance. As the resistance increases, it gets difficult to pedal and you need  to push the pedals quite hard. This works to challenge the muscles, thereby helping to strengthen them as you progress with your training.

Duration Of Exercise


In order to see results, you need to exercise quite long and regularly. At least thirty minutes of cardio is necessary for health benefits while 90 minutes of cardio is necessary for losing weight. This needs to be done at least five days in a week. If you are looking just for health benefits, you can stick to lesser time though.

Its time to get back to your stationery back and start it all over again!
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Hope these tips are helpful.