4 Exercises For Increased Energy Without Gym Equipment

This might sound weird, but it is a fact, that you can actually spend your energy to feel more energetic, with the help of specific workouts. You need not always spend hours in the gymnasium or have extra protein, supplements or energy drinks to feel energetic. There are a few simple exercises which can be done on a regular basis for increased energy and enhanced fitness.

How To Increase Energy With Exercises

Brisk Walking

A great energy generating activity which is high recommended for all. You need to walk at a pace, which is brisk enough to raise your heart as well as breathing pace. As you are walking, be aware about the motion range of your thighs and hips. Breathe very consciously. You should be working on your ribcage.

This needs a bit of practice but leaves you a whole lot of energetic.

Air Guitar

A smart exercise which can be done anytime and one which keeps you motivated and highly energetic. This exercise targets outer and inner thighs and butt area. You can start by keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your arms by your sides. Shift weight to your right leg.

Bend your right knee at 90 degrees and low down to a deep lunge. Keep your left leg straight. You will be driving bent right elbow back and then bending left elbow forward. Doing this exercise on regular basis, helps you stay energetic and happy for long.


Hopping is the best way to stay fit, full of energy and keep your weight under control. Hopping is the best known energy generating aerobic exercise which offers total body workout. In case you do not have a rope close by, you can always just hop about, from your desk to the next desk or anywhere you can. You can hop at least thirty times at a time for best results. Do this any time and you will feel good.

Tadpole To Frog

A unique exercise which targets your calves, quads, butt muscles, abs, triceps and shoulders. You can start on a mat in a total push up position. Balance well on your toes and hands. Keep your arms extended and ensure your body forms a straight line from your heels to head. You can keep your arms tucked close by your sides. Bend your elbows just behind you and lower your chest towards the mat. Repeat. Do this exercise whenever you need additional energy and you will feel fresh and energetic.


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