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4 Exercises To Burn 100 Calories Fast

Are you planning to lose 100 calories really fast? It might seem to be a dream but if you know the right exercises, you will be successful in the long run.
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Well, a few exercises might actually help you to burn 100 calories and that too in the shortest time. All you need to do is combine all these exercises and do them in variation for best results so that your body does not get accustomed to a particular set of exercises. However, you need to take care of your diet, be regular with your exercises and stay motivated to do the exercises regularly.

How Can You Reduce 100 Calories Really Quickly:


A plank to squat move which is quite simple and if done regularly, helps to lose several calories. However, you will slowly start getting the feel as you start doing your 30 second bursts. You need to start in the plank position – be comfortable as you start. Now, you should jump your feet to the out of your hands. This means you will come in a deep squat.

Your hands will be on floor. You can then again jump to the plank position. Keep repeating this fast and for at least 20 minutes.


Kickboxing is one of the best exercises to burn calories in a short time. It has always been popular as the most effective exercise to burn calories fast.

  As per research, by doing kickboxing, a person of 150 pounds can lose as much as 120 calories in just 10 minutes time. All that needs to be done is some jabbing and kicking. However, you need to keep some things in mind, based on which your success will depend. Breathing should be done properly while different moves are executed or else all efforts will be a waste. This workout does not focus on a single muscle group, but it works on your whole body, helping you to lose weight throughout. Thus, be prepared for some sores and aches, but remember these are all signs of strong muscles.
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Kettlebell Swing

Often said to be an ‘explosive exercise’, Kettle-bell Swing helps to  build great muscles just around your quads and also glutes. This exercises increases the heart rate the most, which helps in maximum burning of calories. To start the exercise, you need to stand straight, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your toes pointed outwards.

Knees should be slightly bent as you do the exercise. You should look ahead and maintain your posture. Just hold a 16kg kettle-bell, between the legs with the help of overheard grip. Keep this arch in the lower back.

Bend the hips backwards till the kettle-bell is just behind and between your legs. You should squeeze your glutes so that your hips are extended. Now, swing this weight up. Gently bring the weight down by swinging it between the legs as the hips are bent. Is it hitting your butt? If yes, you are doing it right! You can again extend your knees and hips so that the momentum is reversed and you start your next step. Do this exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes and you will be able to burn maximum calories.

High Knees

You need to just run in one place as you keep your core engaged and as you pump your arms. The main intention is to keep your knees really high.
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You should should maintain your upright posture as you continue with your speed bursts.Practice these exercises on regular basis and within a week you will feel a difference


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