4 Strength And Stability Exercises For Women In 50’s

Women In 50’s

It is never too late to get fit! Women in their 50’s too can start their exercises but after consulting their Doctor (especially those who suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol) and only under the able guidance of an expert trainer. Exercising at this age helps women to stay fit, healthy and strong. Inactive lifestyle can lead to a number of ailments and even mental distress. Here are some of the best exercises for women in their 50’s.

Workout Options For Women In 50’s:

Cardiovascular Workouts

Cardiovascular Exercise

Women should attempt cardiovascular activities at a slightly moderate pace. This should be just 80 to 130 minutes in a week to start with. This needs to be spread out to all days in a week. These exercises can be moderate biking, light dancing, swimming and even water aerobics is a good option. Women need to select activities which they enjoy and would like to stick on with.

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Yoga And Tai Chi

Tai Chi

As we grow older there is a loss in muscle mass and bone structure which is quite normal and natural. Exercises help in improving flexibility and balance. They also help in preventing the person from falling or losing balance. Yoga and Tai Chi are the best options for women in their 50’s and especially for those who have never exercised before. Both these disciplines help in improving balance as well as flexibility. It increases overall strength and builds balance.
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Yoga helps to calm the mind, reduces stress and anxiety.
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Weight Bearing Cardio

Weight Bearing Cardio

Weight bearing cardio offers plenty of benefits. Weight bearing cardio helps the bones to get actively loaded. It will help in strengthening bones and muscles and helps in reducing any loss caused due to bone mass. Weight bearing cardio includes activities like climbing stairs, playing tennis, jogging and also climbing stairs. This should be done for at least 10 minutes in a day.
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Stretching helps in maintaining flexibility. It reduces all risks of injuries as well as muscle soreness.

Pilates and yoga are good ways to stretch which help in building stability and increasing body strength.There should not be over-training or anything done which is beyond the comfort level. Exercises should be done at a moderate pace and for a shorter duration of time at the beginning.