40 Minute Total Summer Body Workout

With the summers around the corner, you need a total body workout that helps you in toning and shaping up. So here is a great workout that can be done without much fuss.

It tones up your entire body and is divided over a span of 4-5 workout days with 2 days of rest in between. So get fit before the summer is here to flaunt your toned up body.

Monday And Friday -Abs And Cardio

On Monday, get started with doing some good cardio exercises followed by extensive stomach exercises. You should go for a 30-minute quick brisk walk or light jogging. Once you get back, get down on the floor and lie on the back.

Roll Ups

Lying flat on the floor, heels firm on the ground, raise both hands above the head, then pull yourself up and try to touch the toes. Do 1 set of 10 and then rest. Repeat once more.

Ab Crunch

Fold Hands and keep them underneath the head. Fold knees, with heels and feet on the floor. Now as you exhale, lift head off the floor while head facing the ceiling. Go as high as you can and then come down, without head touching the floor. Do as set of 30 at least and then repeat.

Leg Raising And Toe Touches

While on the floor, join both legs and keep them straight. Then bring them up together as you exhale, while your palms are placed under the hips hold. Now release hands and try to touch the toes, while pulsing to the count of ten. Take legs back and repeat. Do 10 sets of this twice.

Tuesday Upper Body And Cardio

Up and Down Stairs/ Steps 30 Minutes

Here you can take a shift from the regular jogging or walking and run up and down the stairs. Alternatively, you can also use the stepper to go up and down. Add some kicks, jumps and side leg raises on the way.

Upper Body

Take a dumbbells that weight comfortable enough for you to start with it for total body workout. Ideally for women 1-2 pounds is good and for men about 4-5 pounds.

Chest Press

While standing, taking dumbbell in each hand. Then raise fold hands so that your elbows are parallel to the floor. Then bring both hands towards each other as you keep breathing. Do 2 sets of 20 reps each.

Bicep Curls

Again standing, bring your palms holding the dumbbells towards your shoulder. You can also alternate between one arm each. Do 2 sets of 20 reps each to work on the upper arms and triceps.

Overhead Raises

This one works the shoulder. Using your right hand, raise the dumbbell straight over the head, while keeping the arms erect. Then lower slowly and repeat with the other arm. Do 2 sets of 20 reps on each hand.

Push Ups

This one is always a killer. But sure works on the upper body. Lie down on the stomach and keep both hands near the chest, right under the shoulder. Palms flat on the floor, raise your upper body and lower body, while the toes give support to the legs. Then go down as you exhale, but don’t touch the floor this time. Go up again and do at least 10 reps. Repeat once with break in between.

Thursday And Saturday – Lower Body

When it comes to the lower body, you will again be focussing on mixing together cardio with toning. On these days, the focus will be on interval training. So here’s the plan-

15 Minutes of Jumping Jacks + High Kicks

Start off with doing jumping jacks for a minute. Standing straight, jump apart as you raise both hands over the head. Do this as fast as you can for a minute. Then take a break for 30 seconds. Now raise your right leg and then left leg as high as you can for a minute. 30-second break. Then do jumping jacks for 2 minutes and 30-second break and finish with high kicks. Repeat for 15 minutes

15 Minutes Skipping With Dog- Leg Rising

Stand and jump on the ball of your feet for a minute. 30-second break. Then get down on all four and raise your right leg from the butt, as high you can go. Do 20 reps. Then break again and skipping. Do this sequence till you cover 15 minutes.

10 Minutes Quick Feet and Side Leg Rises

On your balls, jog as fast as you can, with only heels lifting not balls of the feet. After 1 minute pause for 30 seconds.

Then on the floor, lay on right side, hand support your head and elbows straight. Raise left leg as high as you can. Do 30 reps and then break. Repeat quick feet and then alternate on left side.

Wednesday/ Sunday

Rest day. So enjoy this time off to rest the muscles and then regain your strength.


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