44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever

Gyms are gaining more and more popularity by the day and men’s awareness towards fitness and looking chiselled is growing. There are several machines and equipment at the gym that are used for building the muscular physique such as dumb-bells, barbells etc. most of which make you lift some weights to give you a resistance training for building muscles. But nowadays, many bodybuilding experts suggest to go for bodyweight and freehand exercises rather that lifting weights.

It reduces the risk of injuries. An added advantage of bodyweight exercises is that you can do them at home without heavy and space occupying equipment. In the video that you see here, within 5 minutes you will get to see 44 different bodyweight exercises that you can do. Some of them require simple equipment that you can easily keep at you home. While you may know some of these exercises, many will be new to you. If you are a fitness freak, you are definitely going to try out the difficult variations of the push ups, pull ups, lunges etc. shown here. You can learn and try the easier ones if you are new to working out. But be regular at your exercise because consistency is one thing that is going to make even small attempts successful.