5 Abdominal Exercises To Tone Muscles Below The Belly Button

Muscles under your belly button need regular workouts so that excess fat can be removed. In case of women specially, fat tends to accumulate under the belly which is unhealthy and interupts with fitness levels. There are several abdominal exercises which help to tone the muscles which are located just below the belly button. The lower ab area is one of the most common problematic areas for women. If you perform exercises which target these specific muscles, you will be able to optimize your workout and achieve success at a faster rate.

Here Are 5 Abdominal Exercises To Tone Muscles Below The Belly Button:

1. Lying Leg Scissors:

If you are scissoring your legs in an up and down movement, across one another, it shall help in targeting the rectus abdominis muscles. Excess fat is removed from the area and the muscles are well tones. To do the workout, you need to start by lying down on your back.
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Your core shall be engaged which shall help in mimimizing all space between the lower back and ground. You need to sit on your hand. The workout shall be much easier when you follow the movement. Raise your legs at least two inches above the ground. You can begin scissoring your legs and make a 45 degree angle. You can again bring them back down and let them hover just above the ground. Once you complete 20 repetitions, you can move up your legs, at least 30 degree from the ground and start scissoring them. You can repeat at least 20 times.

Lying Leg Scissors

2. Squat Jumps:

This is an effective quick cardio workout which helps in engaging some of the most important muscles of the body which includes the glutes and legs. You need to start the workout, as you keep your feet a bit wide. Your fet shall be placed at least hip distance apart. You will slowly lower your body and get into a nice squat position. Your knees shall be just behind the toes. Keep your elbows bent by the sides. You need to quickly jump up as you reach out to your arms just overhead. You will softly land in a comfortable squat position. You need to repeat as many times as you can. You need to do this movement for at least 30 seconds when you are starting. You should maintain a good form throughout.
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Squat Jumps

3. Lying Leg Rolls:

This is one of the best exercise for your lower ab muscles which help in reducing fat from the lower abdomin. Lying roll helps in improving leg motion. For this workout, you need to lie down on the floor. Your face shall be up on the ground. Your lower back needs to be completely pressed on the floor. You need to move your legs to a 45 degree angle. You need to slowly pull the knees in your chest, before you slowly push back. The motion is quite like bicycle riding. You need to repeat at least 10 times. This is a controlled repetition which will help in burning excess fat from the abs.
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You can also wear ankle weight for the exercise which shall increase the challenge level.
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Lying Leg Rolls

4: Power Skips:

Skipping is a powerful and fun exercise which can never bore anyone. This is also a good exercise which helps in building your heart rate, which helps in burning fat at a faster rate. You will start as you keep your feet together. Your arms shall be by your sides. You will skip forward, as you step your left foot forward. You will again jump up and slowly drive your left knee just in front of your hips. You will be swinging your arms which will help in powering the movement. You will again repeat this movement on your other side and complete a repetition. You need to do 5 repetitions forward and again 5 repetitions backwards. You can do as many power skips you can in a span of 30 seconds.

Power Skips

5. Plank Sliding Climbers:

This is a unique exercise which does not have the difficult impact which is usually associated with the mountain climebers. You need to start the workout in a plank position.
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Your feet shall be placed comfortably on the towels. Your feet shall be hip distance apart. You need to keep your abs engaged as you bend your left knees up and move it towards your chest. When you use the towels, you will find it easier to allow your legs slide out and move in. You can alternate your legs quickly to improve the effectiveness of the workout. Do the movement for at least 30 seconds. You need to do this workout three times in a week.

Plank Sliding Climbers