5 Abdominal Hollowing Exercises For Building Strong Core Muscles

Have you tried the abdominal hollowing exercises as you workout to build strong core muscles? Abdominal hollowing exercises are an effective way to workout your abdominal muscles. You can slowly pull your abs in with the movement. This exercise works by drawing in of the stomach close towards the spine. This helps in activating the deep abdominal muscles, which helps in its efficient workout. This workout is quite effective for sportsperson too, as it helps in stabilizing their muscles and protecting their spine. These exercises should be a part of your daily routine when you are trying to build a strong core.

Here Are 5 Abdominal Hollowing Exercises For Building Strong Core Muscles:

1. Pelvic Floor:

To do this workout, you need to lie down completely flat on the floor. Thus, in this way, you will have control on your pelvic floor, as you lie face down. Your forehead shall be resting against one folded towel. Your arms shall be placed on the sides. Point your hands forward, as your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your palms facing down.

You need to reach forward using your head, as you slowly elongate your spine. You need to slowly inhale deeply and move your navel towards the spine. At this position, you shouldn’t be lifting the hips. You need to hold this position for at least five seconds. Exhale. You can inhale and get back to the start position.

Pelvic Floor

2. Standing Hollowing Position:

This is a practical way to workout your abs, as the abdominal muscles contract as you stand, move about for the support of your spine and also walk. This exercise is quite suitable for athletes as it helps in stabilizing the core and keeps the spine strong. You can do this workout by simply standing in a comfortable position. Make sure you do not have any other distractions around. Stand comfortably and tall. Keep your knees a bit bent and start to pull in your abs, as you exhale. Do this strongly. In this movement, your navel shall move close to the spine. Hold on to this position as long as you are able to, which might be 4-5 seconds as you start.

Standing Hollowing Position

3. All Fours:

This exercise is quite effective in reducing fat from the abdominal region in an easy way. You will be contracting your abdominal muscles, which will strengthen the muscles and remove unwanted fat. To do this workout, you need to do the workout sideways. Start the workout, on your hands and also knees. You will need a mirror placed beside you, which reaches to the floor. Your head shall be turned toward the mirror.

This shall help in a better alignment. Your spine shall be straight and your back flat on the floor.
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Your thighs and arms shall be at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Keep your hands, at least shoulder distance apart. Your knees shall be at least hip distance apart.
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As you start, you need to keep your abs relaxed and let your abdomen curve out in a natural way.
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Now, breathe out and ensure that you are sucking the abs inwards. Do not squeeze too hard which makes you uncomfortable. Hold this contraction position as much as you are able to.

All Fours

4. Kneeling:

In this workout, the main focus is to pull the belly button close to the back. This will help in hollowing the stomach and also shrinking the waist. This exercise can be actually done in any type of position, but the most effective are kneeling position. You need to keep your hands just under the shoulders. Your legs will be just below the hips.Now, you need to keep your back straight. Slowly inhale and then let your stomach hollow. You can then slowly relax and then drop.

You need to exhale in this position and try to pull the navel close to the spine. Stay in this position for one more breath. You can get back to the start position soon. You need to repeat at least 15 times for a set. Do at least three sets. Do not forget to take rest of two minutes just between two sets.


5. Twisting Crunches:

For this workout, you need to first lie down on the floor. Your feet shall be completely flat on the floor.
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Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Keep your hands just behind the head and totally across the chest.
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If you are just starting, you can also place your hands just across your chest. Now, slowly, you need to curl the torso and move them close to the knees.

You need to move your shoulder blades above the ground.
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As you curl up, you will be twisting. This will allow one of your elbows to point towards the knees. Stay in this curled position. You can contract the abdominal muscles for at least two seconds. You can repeat on your other side. Do this for at least 10 minutes each day for your abdominal muscle strength and health.
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Twisting Crunches