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5 Amazing Exercise For Older Adults

Older adults or the elderly need to ensure that they get their share of daily exercise too, like youngsters. But one of the problems here is that they should not strain or injure their muscle groups or joints. With joint problems and weakening of the bone along with other heart problems and health issues, there are some exercises, which are safe and healthy for elders.

Here Are The 5 Amazing Exercise For Older Adults:

1. Walking

This is one of the safest exercises for the older adults and elderly because there is really no risks here for them. On the contrary, walking is good for them because it reduces risks of diabetes, manages cholesterol, balancing uric acid issues and also helps them stay fit. Walking done in the morning or on barefoot grass is even better for their overall health.

2. Swimming or Water Aerobics

Anyone who has a health issue or some kind of joint or bone problem would benefit with either swimming or water aerobics. Pressure on the joints is minimised in water because of buoyancy. The result is that adults are able to workout better, tone muscles and even get in shape without gasping or panting too much. In particular this works for those with arthritis.

3. Yoga

Yoga should be done under supervision from an instructor. But again, it works awesome for elder groups because it targets core health problems, while minimising pressure on joints or bones. Yoga can be done in groups or even alone depending on their feasibility.

4. Pilates

There are special classes conducted for elders or older adults. Pilates strengthens muscles, reduces pressure on joints and doesn’t raise the heartbeat at an alarming rate.

This means that there is more of health benefit and less of health threats for such adults.

5. Low Impact Aerobics

Low impact aerobics includes light dancing, step workout or any other form of cardio. This raises the heart beat gently and doesn’t stress out the elderly too much. Yet it works on toning the muscles, helping them lose weight and gets them rocking. Low impact aerobics focuses on minimising pressure on joints and bones, thus turns out to be excellent for the elder age groups.


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