5 Athletes Hamstring Stretches For Better Flexibility And Performance

Flexibility And Performance

Hamstring muscles are crucial for athletes and sportspeople. If these muscles are tight and lack flexibility, it can lead to injury and pain. Besides, performance tends to get hampered if the muscles are tight and lack flexibility. There are a few specific stretches which help in removing the tightness of these muscles. These exercises also help in reducing the stress and strain of these muscles and helps in improving circulation. With better circulation, these exercises help in achieving better fitness.
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Here Are 5 Athletes Hamstring Stretches For Better Flexibility And Performance :

1. Towel Stretch

This is an easy stretch for beginners. Not much equipment is needed and can be done with the help T of a towel. Start by lying down on the floor. You need to pull your leg up and then straighten your leg. Your leg should be in a straightened position with the help of a towel, which will be ideally wrapped just behind one foot. You can stretch one leg at a time. Stretch each leg for five minutes every day. This will improve flexibility and circulation in a short time.

Towel Stretch

2. Standing Stretch

This exercise is performed in a standing position. You need to stand in a comfortable position as you keep a leg stretched just in front of another leg.

You will then bend the back knee as you lean a bit forward. You will be leaning forward from your hip region. Now, you should place your hands on the thigh of your bent leg.

This shall help to balance your body and stretch the muscles. You will soon feel a stretch in the muscles. Lean a little forward as you move your pelvic muscles a bit forward. Stay in this position for at least 60 seconds. Repeat the exercise.

Standing Stretch

3. Tipover Tuck Hamstring Stretch

This exercise will not just stretch the hamstring muscles but is also helpful in loosening tight shoulders. Start the exercise by standing comfortably. You will keep your feet, at least hip width apart. Keep your hands interlaced comfortably just behind the back. You can keep your legs straight. Bend well from the hips. You can tuck in your chin and then bring the hands just over your head. Now, simply relax your neck – especially the back side of your neck. If you feel the stretch is unbearable, you can release your hands and place them on your thighs. This will be helpful in softening your knees. Stay in this position for 30 seconds at least. You will again roll up to standing. This stretch will improve flexibility and performance.

Tipover Tuck Hamstring Stretch

4. Wall Hamstring Stretch

Another less stressful exercise for beginners, wall hamstring stretch can be done by lying comfortably on the ground. Your buttocks shall be in an upward position and positioned against the wall. You need to place your foot against the wall. Your foot will be up against the wall. You need to push your knee straight. You need to workout one leg at a time. If you are able to apply some pressure on the muscles for at least 30 seconds, it shall be even more effective.

Wall Hamstring Stretch

5. Seated Static Stretch

Those who are fond of seated exercises will love doing this stretch. You will sit down on the ground. Your leg shall be stretched out. The other leg shall be bent and out of the way. You will be rotating the one straight leg inwards. Lean a bit forward from the hips. You will soon feel a nice stretch just under the thighs.
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Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.

You can repeat the stretch at least five times. You can also perform this stretch by keeping your foot comfortably turned outwards.

Seated Static Stretch