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5 Awesome Exercises To Decrease Laugh Lines

Laugh lines are also called as smile lines. These are the lines that starts from the sides of your nose and ends at the corners of your mouth. These lines are generally seen when a person laughs / smiles or doing any activity where the jaw or skin close to lips gets stretched. But due to age, one can get permanent and deep laugh lines accompanied with loose skin around mouth region without any facial expression. This makes them look old and mar their youthfulness. If you relate to this problem then read this article attentively. In this article we will tell you about five best exercises which helps in reducing laugh lines to a considerable extent.

These Are Exercises To Decrease Laugh Lines

Inward Movement Of Lips

This exercise helps in diminishing the laugh line and stretches the area around the mouth. In this exercise one needs to put their lower as well as upper lips inward and hold this position firmly. Now try to blow up the mouth such that the air fills inside the mouth. Be in this position for few seconds and come to the starting position.

Do three more sets of this facial exercise.

Fish Face

To do this exercise you need to gently suck the ends of your mouth such that the face of the fish is formed. This helps in exercising and stretching the ends of the mouth. It straightens the area so that laugh lines are reduced. This is considred to be one of the most effective facial exercises that helps in removing wrinkles and lines around the mouth and tones your cheek.

Making An O shape

In this exercise you need to gently part your lips. Now say alphabet “O” loud and feel the stretch in the muscle of the cheek region. Hold this position firmly and try to smile from the ends of the mouth. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds and relax. Do three more sets of this facial exercise.

Smile wide With Lips Joined Together

In this facial exercise you need to keep your lips together and smile as much as you can. This would extend the corners of the lips. You would experience that the muscles of your cheekbone starts to rise up. This helps in stretching the complete area around the lips and tightens it. People with higher cheekbones might feel that their eyes tends to squeeze with this exercise. If that is your case, then you can gently raise your eyebrows such that it gets opened.

Smile Wide With Parted Lips

This facial exercise is slightly different from the one mentioned above. In this exercise you need to smile wide keeping your lips parted and mouth wide open. Feel the stretch on the cheeks.

Hold the position for few seconds and come to starting position. Do few more sets of it. Doing this marvelous exercises would greatly help in tightening the face, reducing wrinkles around lips, enhance muscle tone, improve circulation of blood in that region and get a youthful look.

The best part of these facial exercises is that you don’t require any surgical method to achieve these benefits. You can do it anywhere and it needs investment of only few minutes every day. For a younger looking toned skin perform these exercises diligently to reap best results. Look gorgeous and feel gorgeous!!


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