5 Back Row Exercises To Strengthen Muscles For Bodybuilders

5 Back Row Exercises To Strengthen Muscles For Bodybuilders

How does one build the best back muscles? Bodybuilder’s spend a lot of time and energy on building back muscles. Strengthening back muscles is not only important for building stability, balance and flexibility of the body, but it is also a good way to keep your circulation healthy.

There are a variety of exercises, often known as back row exercises, which help in strengthening the muscles. These special back row exercises are known for inducing the best back movement, which helps in building, strengthening and improving back muscles. The bigger and wider back you are able to achieve, you are going to have the strongest muscles.

Here Are 5 Back Row Exercises To Strengthen Muscles For Bodybuilders:

1. Cable Row:

This is a great exercise which helps in maximizing your back muscle strength and helps in improving strength and built of your muscles. To start the workout, you need to first comfortably sit down on the cable machine. You need to place your feet on the ground or platform in a comfortable position. Now, hold on to the handle with your hands. Slowly, lean a bit backwards, as you hold on the upper body in a comfortable position. Start pulling the handle back close to your chest. You can now touch the sides of chest using the hands, as you slowly start pinching the shoulder blades. You need to slowly stick the chest out so that you are able to increase the number of muscles used in the movement. You need to slowly lower your weight so that your arms are straight. You need to do this workout for at least 10 minutes as a part of your fitness schedule every day.
 Cable Row

2. One-Arm Barbell Row:

This is a very effective workout which helps in developing the back muscles, strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility and balance. To do this workout, you need to start by standing beside a loaded barbell.

Now, you need to slowly reach down and then grasp a bar. You can start rowing at this point. As you feel quite like a regular dumbbell row. These are quite unique, very effective and much useful than the regular dumbbell row.
One-Arm Barbell Row

3. Lawnmower Row:

This exercise can be done, when you do not have a bench around. You can use more weight too for the purpose. To do this workout, you need to place one dumbbell on the ground. You can stand closely by the right side of this dumbbell. You need to get in a lunge position as you keep your right leg a bit forward. You can again lean the right arm to your right and then hold on to a dumbbell using the left hand. You can pull the dumbbell up till it is able to slowly hit the left of the chest. You will be slowly turning the torso towards the left. This shall help in gaining momentum.
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You can slowly lower your weight downwards and move towards the ground.
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You should repeat this movement for your right side and left. This exercise is just perfect for strengthening and building the back muscles.
Lawnmower Row

4. Meadows Row:

This is an effective workout which is often referred to as a better and improved version of the one arm dumbbell row. You can use a T-bar for the purpose. Start the workout by standing on floor, just by the business end of this bar. You need to now grab a handle with a hand and then slowly execute the row using it. You need to use the straps, you do not have to worry about using the grip as a limiting factor. You will notice an amazing weight which your lats are able to move since your hands are not a part of the movement. To add a bit more challenge, you need to learn the effects of position the hips. This is a good way to maximize the stretch which actually works on the entire lat muscles, especially the lower lat. You will slowly bring up the hip close to the bar and raise it higher than the hip. While you are rowing you will be twisting your body. Your body position shall be locked and you will be driving the elbows quite hard.
Meadows Row

5. Bench Row:

Start by lying down on the stomach. You will use a bench. Your body shall be at 45 degree angle to the ground. Your head shall be above the top of this bench and your feet shall be on ground. You shall hold a dumbbell on your hand.
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You need to slowly pull up the weight towards the chest height. You can pinch your shoulder and move the blades a bit back as you are on the top of movement. You can again move the weights down, till your arms are completely straight. You can relax your back and stretch again.

Bench Row