Health is most important for the humans. If a human is healthy then he can live without any problems. Now a days life is so busy, no one is thinking about the health of the body. We must ensure that our body should be fit. We should not do the things which adversely affect the body. Your body postures are also very important, correct body posture is always required. If your body posture is not right then your bones and the muscles can get bend. This will give you serious injuries also.

Here Are Some Of The Postures Which You Should Avoid Always

Rounded Shoulders

It has been seen that tall people walks with the rounded shoulders. This habit of walking makes them permanently bend. The sternoclavicular joints are flexible and the  whole has the pectoris minor muscles to fix out  the joints. If we walk with the rounded shoulder then the pectoris muscles will fix the sternoclavicular muscles in the same rounded posture. Our spinal cord will also bend according to that. This will give our body a bad shape and in the old age, this will give a serious problem.

Forward Neck Or Head

It has been seen that some of the people walk with their neck or head in the forward directions. This will allow the neck muscles to contract in the same direction of the neck. There is vertebra muscle in the neck  which determines the neck position. Forward neck will affect the vertebra. Vertebra will give us serious headache also. We must ensure that our neck should be in the straight and in the line of the body.

If anyone has this problem then consult to the physiotherapist immediately.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Some people walk with their hips in the backward direction. The support of the hips come from the transverse abs and this will give shape to the hips. If the position of the hips is in out direction, then the pelvic muscles of the hips and the transverse abs will give the hips permanently the same shape and the joints between the pelvic muscles and the hips will get tilt and the shape of whole body will get damaged.

This habit will also give back pain to the body.

Elevated Shoulders

In some people they have elevated shoulder. This does not come from any habit or posture but it come by birth.

This posture can be cure also by doing some exercises. Normally the joint of the shoulders to the neck is main cause for this posture. To make your shoulder lean we should sit on the chair in the straight position. Now push the chair down not by your hands but form your shoulders and hold the position for 5-6 seconds, repeat this process 10 times. This exercise will allow the joint of the muscle of shoulder and the neck in the proper direction.

Pigeon Toes

We start walking from the 1-2 years of birth. So parents must ensure that the child is walking properly. Pigeon toes are also a problem from birth this is done due to the weak joint of glutes, bone deformities, arthritis, that our toes bend in the inward direction of the legs. Lie on the bed and allow your toes to move in the opposite direction, hold the position for 10-11 seconds, then come to the rest position. Initially it is difficult to do the exercise but gradually it becomes easy.


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