5 Band Exercises For Sculpted Thighs And Butt

Sculpted perfect thighs and butt muscles are often considered to be a gift of God. Well – whenever, you come across someone with that perfection, you should know that it is also about hard training and perseverance. It is true, that it is never easy to develop that sculpted figure. There are some specific band exercises which can help you in achieving those perfect muscles. There are a few leg exercises which help in building strength and power to the specific muscles. Include such effective band exercises in your regular workout schedule and with time, you too can develop such powerful, well toned and perfect muscles.

Here Are 5 Band Exercises For Sculpted Thighs and Butt:

1. Lateral Walks:

Resisted lateral walk is an exercise which helps in targeting the inner and outer thigh muscles. You will tie the end of a band just around the ankle. You will stand straight in such a position and place the band just around the ankles. Place your hands on hips and slowly tuck in the tailbone. You will again squeeze the abs and try to stabilize the pelvis muscles. You will then step towards the right as much as possible. You should not tilt the pelvis or turn the hips. Your movement shall be controlled. Your left foot shall be moving close to the right. You need to move towards the right continuously. Repeat a specific number of times and then move towards the left. You need to do an equal number of repetitions. Your feet shall stay pointed through the entire workout.

 Lateral Walks

2. Side Squats:

This exercise can be done with tube bands. The area targeted includes the butt and thigh muscles mainly. To start the workout, you need to attach the end of a band with a handle. You need to stand just in the middle of band using a foot. You will hold on to the handle with your hand. You will slowly raise the handles to the shoulders. Your hands shall be just behind the shoulders. Your band will be behind the shoulders. You will start the workout, as you have your feet at least hip distance apart. You will also stand tall and keep your head straight in this position. You will have your chest up. Slowly step straight out towards the side using the inactive foot. You need to squat down just as you would sit in a chair. Remember to keep your knees just above the toes as you remain squatted.

Your back shall be straight and your chest will be up throughout the routine.

Side Squats

3. Booty Skate:

This is an easy exercise which helps in toning all the thigh muscles. To start, you will tie a band in a loop just around the legs, at the shin level. You need to be in a slightly squat position.

Slowly, step your left foot out towards the side as much as you can. You will swing the right arm forward. This shall be one repetition. You will again step your right foot to the side quickly as you swing the left arm in front. You need to keep alternating stepping side to side as fast as you can. You need to do this workout at least 20 times as you start. This will improve your blood circulation and keep the muscles toned.

Booty Skate

4. Repel Squat:

This band exercise targets some of the toughest butt and thigh muscles which are difficult to workout. To set up the band, you will have to secure the band to the door. You will attach one handle to each end of the band. You will hold on a handle in your hand and stand close to the door. You will be facing the door. Stand tall in a comfortable position, as your back is kept straight. Your chest shall be up. Your feet shall be a little distance apart. You need to keep your arms straightened and have them pointed down. You need to secure the palm of your arms at the hips. You will squat back and little down just as you would sit down in a chair. Your thighs shall be parallel to the floor. You will have to stand up quite explosively. The resistance shall help in lifting you from the ground. You need to repeat this movement at least 10 times.

Repel Squat

5. Kick Butt:

Lie down as you keep your face up. Your legs shall be extended. Your arms shall be by your sides.

You need to hold the ends of the band. Now, slowly bend your right knee towards the chest. Your right foot shall be in the center of the band. You need to position this band by the arch of your foot so that it is in the right place. You need to place the elbows on the ground.
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You will also lift the hips from the floor, as the right leg slowly extends out. Your leg shall make a 45-degree angle. You will again lower back and start. You need to repeat at least 20 times on both sides.

Kick Butt