5 Barbell Exercises For Building Triceps Muscles Mass And Strength

Exercises For Building Triceps
Tricep muscles are an important part of the upper-arm mass. It is the dream of fitness enthusiasts, to build thick triceps. Though there are several ways to do triceps exercises for building muscle mass, use of barbells is the most recommended. They help in working out all the interior muscles, help in building strength, mass and overall toning of the muscles. Barbell exercises should be included in the daily routine, for anyone who is looking forward to triceps stability, growth, and toning. Some of these should be performed under guidance, and not to be done by beginners, as they might cause injury, if not done in the correct way.

Here Are 5 Barbell Exercises For Building Triceps Muscles Mass And Strength:

1.Barbell Triceps Extension Seated:

This is one of the simplest barbell exercises for those who are new to this kind of workout. It is done in a seated position. You need to sit at the end of a bench. You will be holding a barbell just behind your head. Be very careful as you start doing the workout. Your arms shall be pointed upwards. Your elbows will make a 90 degree angle. You should raise the barbell as you slowly straighten your arms. You can again lower back after you take a brief pause. Remember to keep your upper arms in control and not moving throughout the workout. You need to start with 4-5 counts and as you get comfortable, you can increase to 10-12.
Barbell Triceps Extension Seated:

2. Standing Overhead Barbell Triceps Extension:

One of the best barbell workouts which works on the triceps muscles directly. Start the workout by holding on to a barbell, in a strong grip. Your hands will be closer than the shoulder width. Keep your feet at least shoulder distance apart. You will slowly move the barbell above the head. You will do this till the arms are completely extended. Your elbows shall be in. This is the start position. Your upper arms shall be placed close to the head and your elbows shall be in and quite perpendicular to the floor. You can again lower your resistance, as you are in a semicircular motion. This shall be behind your hand.
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Your forearms shall be touching the biceps. Get back to the start position as you use your tricep muscles for raising this barbell. You should breathe out comfortably as you do this step. You need to do this workout for the total number of repetitions.
Standing Overhead Barbell Triceps Extension

3. Barbell Reverse Bench Press:

Start the workout by lying down comfortably on your back. You can do this on a bench for your convenience. You will hold on to a barbell and keep it just above the chest. Be careful not to strain yourself in this position. Your arms will be pressed against the upper body. Your palm shall face your head and not the feet. You need to gradually push the barbell as you slowly straighten the arms. You can again lower the barbell after some time. You can breathe out comfortably as you push this barbell up. You can again breathe out as you lower the barbell down. You can start the exercise by repeating 4-5 times and then after a week, you can do 10-12 times. Do not strain yourself at any time.
 Barbell Reverse Bench Press:

4. Foam Roller Press:

This exercise should be done under the guidance of an expert. Start by lowering the bar to the top of your foam roller. This will help in cutting the motion range by half at least. You can then again press just from the mid section of the lift, which will emphasize the lockout. Lockout here implies your tricep muscles which will be worked upon comfortably. For this exercise, you need to lie down comfortably on a bench. You will place one foam roller lengthwise and carefully on the chest. You can secure this with the help of a resistance band, if you feel the need. You can hold on to a barbell just overhead. Hold this barbell just above the chest. You can again lower this bar so that you are able to touch this foam roller. You can again press and get back to your original position.
Foam Roller Press:

5. Incline Barbell Tricep Extension:

This is a simple exercise and can be done even when you are in a great hurry. You will need an incline bench for this workout. Sit on this incline bench and comfortably hold on to a barbell just behind the shoulders. Your upper arms shall be pointed up. Your elbows will be making a 90 degree angle. However, be sure not to exert too much when you are making this angle.
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Raise this barbell comfortably as you straighten your arms and then again lower the arms after a pause for a few seconds. Your upper arms shall be still.
Incline Barbell Tricep Extension