5 Barre Workouts For Strength And Fitness

Barre workouts were developed in late 1960s and involved a special method and style of working out the muscles for strength building and fitness. These workouts use special props like resistance bands, yoga blocks, lightweights and also pilates rings. These moves were often described as dancing type moves which focused on tiny isometric movements along with a number of stretches stretches.

Here Are 5 Best Barre Workouts For Fitness And Strength

1. Standing Hip Extension

This workout targets the thighs, butt and hip muscles. Start by standing knee to knee and keep your inner thighs close. You will place an exercise ball, just behind your knees. Start with knees, as you touch the pelvis neutral. Your belly shall be pulled in and upwards. Keep your inner thighs glued all the while. You will then pull your heel towards the butt so that your hamstring is engaged. Press your heels and ball back with small pulses. Repeat this 10 times. You need to recheck the posture and do 3 sets. Switch sides and then repeat.

Standing Hip Extension


2. Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

This Barre workout is just perfect for the inner thigh muscles. You need to lie down on your left. Keep your head rested on your left arm. You can use your left hand to slowly prop up your head. Slowly pull your right leg across your left. Your right knee should be pointing to the ceiling. You will flex your left foot and slowly lift your leg. Take tiny pulses upward. You will be getting the whole thighbone up from the floor as you lift. YoU need to do this for two minutes on each side.

Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

3. Simple Toe Taps

This exercise warms your muscles and sets your heart pumping. This exercise helps in working out your joints. Stand as you keep your feet wide. Keep your toes pointed to 10 and 2 o clock position. You will bend your knees and hold on to this position. You need to ensure your spine is long and your hips are perfectly square. Your feet shall be rooted to floor. You need to keep your legs straight. Lean a bit to the right and then tap your left toe. Your knees shall be bent through the center. You can lean to left and tap your right toe. You can also lift your arms. Continue, as you lower your arms and tap the left toe.

Toe Taps

4. Boat Pose

This pose will bring the inner dance in motion as you set to challenge your entire core. Sit straight on floor. Keep your hands just behind the thighs. Your legs should be drawn close to a table top position. Exhale slowly and firm your core muscles. You will then reach out to make a V shape. Your hip weight shall be on floor while the spine stays long and is lifted. Your core will be firm and shall be pulling to the low back. Your shoulders shall be wide and will be down on your back. Hold on to this position. Repeat.

Boat Pose

5. Calf Raises

Start the exercise by standing at your forearm’s length. You should be away from the back of your chair. Your right hand shall be on chair for support. Move the feet into V position. Your heels shall be touching and your toes shall be pointed outwards. Now, you can lift your left arm overhead. Keep your elbow rounded and bend a bit forward from the wait. You shouldn’t be tensing the lower back as you squeeze the glutes and you raise the heels at 2 inches at least. You will lower to floor and do this at least 60 times.

Calf Raises