5 Beginners Exercise For Toning Inner Thighs While Sitting Down

One of the most difficult areas, often known as the trouble spots are the inner thighs of an individual which need good focus to workout. Beginners, specially have the primary objective of losing fat and toning their inner thigh muscles, when they join the gym. If you are among those who tend to get tired quickly or those who are not comfortable for too much strenuous workouts, can start toning their inner thigh muscles while sitting down. These exercises can be done at home, from your desk and at anytime when you feel like working out your muscles. These are easy and can help in toning your muscles in a short time. Your thighs shall be completely toned and balanced.

Here Are 5 Beginners Exercises For Toning Inner Thighs While Sitting Down:

1. Crossed Legged Extension:

This is a beneficial exercise which targets many muscles as you workout which includes your arms, thighs and abs along with the thigh muscles. Start the workout by sitting comfortably in a chair. Your core has to be engaged and your back will be straight. You will hold on to the seat of your chair lightly for additional support. Now, slowly cross a leg over your other leg, just at your ankles. You will then exhale and slowly extend the bottom leg till it is parallel and straight to ground. You need to repeat five times, each of lifting and also lowering. You can hold the top for at least 6-8 seconds. You will again straighten your legs and lower them to ground level. Pause for sometime and then again re-cross using the other leg on top. You will repeat the workout with your opposite leg.

Crossed Legged Extension

2. Ball Squeezing:

This is a fun exercise and beginners simply love the workout. You need a stability bal for the purpose. In case you do not have one, you can also use a folded towel for the purpose. Sit down at the edge of your chair, as you start working out. You need to place this ball just between your knees. Now, you need to squeeze the knees and push as much as you are able to. You will keep your back straight. Hold on to this position for at least 10 seconds and then you can relax your legs. You need to repeat the workout at least 10 times.

Ball Squeezing

3. Thigh Adduction:

This workout is especially suitable for those who have flabby inner thighs. The movement helps in improving circulation and toning the muscles. Start the workout by sitting in the chair. Keep your knees a bit bent. Your feet will be flat in a comfortable position. Start the workout, as your knees are placed hip distance apart. Your palms shall be placed just on the inside of knees. You need to slowly press your knees together as you slowly press with your hands in an outward movement. This shall add good resistance to your workout. As you find your hands are touching, you can get back to the start position. You need to repeat at least 15 times as you start the workout.

Thigh Adduction

4. Leg Circles:

These are quite popular among the beginners and specially those who wish to workout as they sit down or from their office. You will start the workout by sitting comfortably just at the edge of your chair. Keep your left leg bent. Your foot shall be completely flat on ground. Now, hold on the edge of this chair and try to stabilize the torso. Now, slowly extend the right leg and move it up. This shall make it completely horizontal with floor. You can again move your body a bit back. Now, quickly move your right leg in a good circular motion. It shall move in a clockward direction. You will be completing 10 circles. You can switch directions and then complete at least 10 repetitions. Now, quickly switch your legs and do the same movement.

Leg Circles

5. Static Stretches:

This stretch helps in improving flexibility and helps in building stability of inner thigh muscles. To do this workout, you will sit just at the edge of the bench. You can spread your legs and bend the knees just at right angle. You need to widen the legs as much as you can.

Keep your legs flat on bench. They should be in alignment with your knees. You can again bend a bit forward from your waist. Your upper arms shall be on the thighs. Now, push the legs wide. You can lean forward and feel a good stretch.

You need to perform this stretch 8-10 times as you start working out. In case you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can do the workout later on.

Static Stretches