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5 Beginners Exercises For Shoulder And Neck Muscles Flexibility

Neck and shoulder muscle stiffness is a common problem amongst beginners who are just starting their training. Building flexibility is of prime importance when you are just starting on your fitness routine. Neck and shoulder muscle strength and flexibility is of utmost for bodybuilders and sportsmen to ensure optimum performance. Stiff shoulders or muscles which lack flexibility need to be immediately addressed. If other exercises are done with such stiffness and lack of mobility, beginners will injure themselves. Beginners exercises are easy and are of lesser risks. They should be done as per comfort level and never exerted.

Here Are 5 Beginners Exercises For Shoulder and Neck Muscles Flexibility

1. Scapular Setting

This is a simple exercise which helps in working out the shoulder and neck muscles and builds flexibility. You need to start the workout in a comfortable position. Stand as you keep your arms by your side.

You need to move up your shoulder blades and then move down.

You simply need to move your shoulder blades one centimeter in a direction. You need to ensure that you are maintaining a good postural alignment in one position. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds or more.

2. Static Wall

In this workout your shoulder, upper back and neck muscles will release energy. The thoracic back is known to extend against the floor. This reduces stiffness, improves circulation and enhances flexibility. Lie down comfortably on the floor. You need to move your legs up on the wall. Move your legs up. If you find your hamstrings are stiff, you need to scoot back till the tailbone is on the floor. Move your toes back. You can also tighten the thighs. Your feet will be hip distant apart in this position. Stay for three minutes at least.

3. Neck Rolls

This is one of the simplest exercises for the beginners. It is also helpful for those who suffer from regular neck pain. Start by tilting your head towards the right. You need to roll your neck down. Your chin shall move towards the chest. You will again move your neck towards the left. Move to the right again. Continue this movement for next five times and in right and left direction. Do slowly and if you feel any pressure, you can stop the movement right away.

4. Static Back

In this movement, you will be working on your shoulder muscles, back and neck muscles. You will also workout your leg muscles. Start by lying down on the floor. Your legs shall be on a chair. Your hips and knees shall make a 90-degree angle. You can place your arms on the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. Your arms can also be at your shoulder level, as you keep your palms up. In this workout your head is just in the same plane as your shoulders. You need your upper back and neck muscles to release. Stay in this position as long as you are comfortable or for three to five minutes.

5. Cross Body Arm Stretch

This is just the perfect exercise for beginners who face problems of stiff muscles. Start in a comfortable seated position. Cross your right arm across your chest. You will then move your left hand to slowly pull your right upper arm close to the body. Hold on to this position for at least 10 seconds. As you count 10, relax and be comfortable. You will then repeat the movement on your other side. This exercise builds flexibility, improves circulation and strengthens muscles.


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