5 Beginners Exercises For Tighter And Firmer Thigh Muscles

Thigh muscles are perhaps the most difficult to train especially for beginners, who are obese and starting their workout routine. Thigh muscles need regular training to lose unwanted fat, for toning them and for ensuring that they are in best shape. Tight and firm thigh muscles will not only build flexibility and improve your fitness, they are usually one of the best ways to ensure overall fitness. Athletes need to specially focus on firm thigh muscles which help to improve their performance and increase their strength and agility.

Here Are 5 Beginners Exercises For Tighter And Firmer Thigh Muscles:

1. Chair Squat:

This can be the first thigh exercise to be included in their program. All you need for this workout is a chair. Start the workout by standing in a comfortable position, as you keep your back to one chair. Your feet shall be hip distance apart. Your weight should be comfortably centered and on the heels. You will slowly draw in the abs and hinge a bit forward towards your hips. You will again slowly lower your butt and bring it close to the chair. Stop for a second before you sit down comfortably. You can again get back to the standing position, as your core muscles are engaged. You can do 10 repetitions for a set. Complete 3 sets.

Chair Squat

2. Criss Cross Power Jacks:

This is an easy exercise which is just perfect for dealing with flabby inner thigh muscles. This exercise helps in keeping your whole body engaged, helps in increasing heart rate and improves your overall fitness. To do this workout, you need to start in a comfortable position, as you keep your feet together. You will take in a deep breath. As you slowly exhale, you will jump your feet wide out and also cross your arms overhead. From this position, you shall scissor your legs. You will cross your left leg just in front of your right. You will cross your left arm over the right chest. You need to repeat the workout again as you alternate the sides every time. This exercise should be done regularly for a firm and tight thigh muscles.

Criss Cross Power Jacks

3. Low Lunge Hover:

This standing movement will help your butt and legs. To do the workout, you need to stand with your feet a little distance from one another. You will then slowly step the right foot a little back. You will get in a lunge stance. Your left knee shall be just above the ankle. Your arms shall be well above the head and you can slowly hinge forward from the waist region. You can slowly lower the chest a bit forward and move a little close to the thighs. Your arms shall be able to reach a bit forward. Now, you will lift the right leg as you slowly straighten your left. Hold on to this position for at least three breaths and then get back to the start position. You need to repeat three times.

Low Lunge Hover

4. Scissor Legs:

This is a popular exercise which helps to target the difficult inner thigh muscles which tend to get flabby. To do this easy exercise you will start in a plank position. Your each foot shall be on a folded towel. If folded towel is not available, you can use a gliding disc or a paper plate for the purpose. Your upper body needs to be stable as you start the workout. Your feet should be a little distance apart. You need to open your legs as much as you can. You will again squeeze your inner thighs and then slide your feet together. You need to repeat 15 times. Repeat 2 sets. Do not forget to rest in between the sets.

Scissor Legs

5. Side Splits:

This is a pilates exercise and usually done on the reformer. This is often referred to as magical inner thigh workout, as the entire inner thigh is involved in the workout. This is an effective workout which will tone your muscles, improve blood circulation and strengthen them at the same time. To do this workout, you need to stand in a comfortable position, as your feet are parallel and at least hip distance apart. You will need to have a hand towel or a gliding disc just under your right foot.

Now, extend your arms out from the shoulders. Your palms shall face forward. You can slide your right leg to a side as you slowly open your legs apart. You will be pressing in your left foot. You can use the inner thighs to move your right leg back to the starting position. Your legs shall be straight. Repeat 15 times. You can repeat on your other side.

Side Splits