5 Beginners Exercises For Toning Butt Muscles

Butt muscles are an important set of muscles which need to be worked out regularly. There are a few specific butt exercises which help in reducing fat from the area and also help in toning the muscles. Beginners often have a tough time to lose fat from the muscles. Butt muscle exercises are many, but beginners need to focus on those workouts which will effectively lose the fat from the area. Ball exercises are helpful in toning the muscles and offer support to the spine as well.
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Here Are 5 Beginners Exercises For Toning Butt Muscles:

1. Low Lunge Hover:

This is a standing exercise which helps in working out the butt and leg muscles. Stand in a comfortable position, as you keep your feet hip distance apart. You will step on the right foot and then move back as you get in a lunge position slowly. You will get in the lunge position as you have the left knee just over the ankle. You will move the arms just over the head.

You will again move a bit forward from your waist. Now, slowly, you need to lower the chest and move a bit forward close to the thighs. Your arms shall be reaching forward in this position. You can lift the right leg a bit as you start straightening your left. Stay in this position for at least three breaths. You can again get back to the start lunge posture. You need to repeat at least three times as you switch the legs.

 Low Lunge Hover

2. Toe Taps:

This is an easy exercise for the beginner which helps in losing a lot of fat from the thigh muscles. Start by lying down on the floor. Your arms shall be by the sides. You will slowly move your feet, as you bend the knees and make a 90-degree angle.

Your thighs shall be perpendicular to the floor when you are in this position. From this position, you will slowly and quietly tap the left toe to this ground. You will again do the same using your right. Keep alternating tapping your feet for a minute. In case you have a pain in the lower back as you do the workout, you should not move the toes all down.

 Toe Taps

3. Leg Lifts:

This is an easy exercise which targets the butt and thigh muscles. Start the exercise as you stand while facing the chair. You will again raise the right leg. Your knee shall face up. Keep your foot flexed and then place the heel on the seat. You should not be locking the standing knee as slowly move the right foot up from the chair. You can again straighten your leg out till you have the quadriceps nicely engaged. Ensure that your leg is continuously lifted in the air.

You will again bend your leg on the floor a little bit and then you can straighten your legs once again. You need to do at least three sets. Each set shall be of 8-10 repetitions. This will perfectly tone and engage the butt muscles.

Leg Lifts

4. Dumbbell Squatting:

This is a powerful workout which will tone and strengthen all the hard to reach butt muscles. With time as you get adjusted, you can increase the number of movements and weight of the dumbbell. Start the workout, as you have your feet shoulder distance apart.
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You will need at least 8-10 pound dumbbells by the thighs.
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You will slowly squat down quite like sitting in a chair. You will have the weight just over the heels. You can again squeeze the glutes as you get in the start position. You need to repeat at least 20 times when you get started.

Dumbbell Squatting

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5. Lateral Lunge:

This is a highly beneficial workout which is quite challenging as well. You can increase the weights as you get used to the workout. Start the workout, as you keep your feet together. Keep your arms by your sides, as you hold on to a 5-pound dumbbell in each hand. You need to take a step and put your right foot out towards the side. You will again bend your left knee and at make a 90-degree angle.

You can come back to a side lunge in this position. You will slowly push the left foot and get in a standing position, as you have the knees bent. You can again kick your left foot quite strongly and move it towards the side. You need to ensure that it is quite flexed. Get back to the start position. You need to repeat at least 15 times. Complete in sets of 3 and as you are comfortable you can increase the repetitions.

Lateral Lunge