5 Beginners Exercises To Tone And Improve Upper Thigh Flexibility

5 Beginners Exercises To Tone And Improve Upper Thigh Flexibility
Thighs are one of the most problematic areas of the body and especially in case of women. Several people join training sessions mainly because they are not happy with their thighs. Upper thigh tends to get flabby and accumulates the most fat. This area is also the most difficult to get the fat rid off.
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You need to focus on some specific exercises which will help in improving the flexibility of your upper thigh and tone the muscles. These exercises are for beginners, hence they are easy and simple to perform, while they are quite effective in the long run.

Here Are 5 Beginners Exercises To Tone And Improve Upper Thigh Flexibility:

1. Chair Squat

This is just the right exercise for beginners. To do this exercise, all you need is a chair and you are ready to start your routine.
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Start the workout as you stand in a comfortable position with your back to a chair. Your feet should be at least hip distance apart. The weight shall be well centered on the heels. You will slowly move the abs in and you can hinge a bit forwards at your hips. You will again lower the butt and move it close to your chair. You need to wait for some time just before you sit down. You can get back to the standing position as your core is completely engaged. You need to do at least three sets, each set shall be of 15 repetitions.
Chair Squat

2, Gate Swings

This exercise is quite like a warm-up routine, as it helps in stabilizing the core and thigh muscles effectively. It works on the thigh muscles in an amazing way. For this workout, you will stand on the left leg. Your hands shall be well clasped just behind the head. You will again bend the right knee and slowly swing the leg up. It shall be crossing your body. Keep your right foot flexed. You will not put your right foot down but at the same time you will sweep the right leg out and towards the right.

You need to repeat this exercise at least 10 times back and forth. It is quite like swinging. You need to slowly brace the abs during this whole movement. It shall help in maintaining a good balance.
Gate Swings

3. Leg Lifts

Beginners are usually not comfortable with difficult moves or the ones which tire them out a lot. This exercise helps in targeting the important muscles of the thighs. You will stand in a comfortable position, as you face a chair. You will also raise the right leg, as your knee faces up.

You need to have your foot flexed and your heels shall be placed on the seat. You will not be locking your standing knee as you slowly move your right feet from the chair. You can also straighten it out till you feel that your quadriceps are well engaged. You will let the lifted leg remain in the air and slowly bend your other leg on the floor. You can again straighten it. Repeat at least 10 -15 times. You can switch sides and then repeat one whole set. You can work on three sets.
 Leg Lifts

4. Side Shuffle Switch

This is an excellent exercise which tones the upper thigh muscles easily. This exercise is a little fast paced which means your heart rate is quickly pumped up. Stand as you keep the feet together.
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Your arms shall be by the sides. You will slowly shuffle to the right as you step towards the right. You will move up your left knee in the process. During this time, you will be swinging the right arm a bit forward. You will again reverse this shuffle and land comfortably with the right knee up. You will swing the right arm a bit forward. You need to repeat this movement at least 20 times in one row as quickly as you can. You need to keep alternating the sides.
Side Shuffle Switch

5. Hip Bridge

This exercise is referred to as modified bridge exercise which works on the upper thigh muscles well. You will lie down on the back. Your knees will be bent and shall face up. You will place your heels on the floor and slowly move your toes close to the shins. You need to move your buttocks up from the ground. Your back shall make one straight line from knees towards the shoulders. You need to stay in this position for a second or more and then you can again lower down. You need to repeat the workout at least 15 times. It helps in improving circulation and tones the muscles quite effectively.

Hip Bridge