5 Beneficial Lower Trapezius Exercises

Beneficial Lower Trapezius Exercises

The trapezzi or trapezius (in plural form) is actually a large, triangular muscle which expands from your neck portion to the middle of your backside and across, enveloping your shoulder blades, rotator cuffs and clavicle. But men and women cannot cut-off the lower portion of trapezius since the complete muscle executes as one component when they’re activated. The lower trapezius is significant for the shoulder function and steadiness.

When the lower trapezius muscles are built stronger, the width and appearance of your back can also improve.

 Both men and women should take the help of an instructor in the gym to learn and practice the lower trapezius exercises, rather than doing them themselves. We’ve mentioned 5 beneficial lower trapezius exercises.

5 Beneficial Lower Trapezius Exercises

1. Squat Bar Pull-Up Exercise

Squat Bar Pull-Up Exercise

For this trapezius exercise you have to take the help of squat rack or a Smith and the bar should be positioned 2 to 3 feet off the floor. You have to hold the bar tight with both your hands and move slowly below it. As your chest is placed under the bar, your feet should be positioned on the floor along with hips a bit upward in a bridge position.As you exhale you can now drag yourself upwards till your chest gets touched with the bar. For a second you need to cling to that position and then come down slowly and inhale. You have to carry out 10-15 reps for 3 sets.

2. Ball Shoulder Combo Exercise

Ball Shoulder Combo Exercise

Here while doing this exercise you have to utilize a big round stability ball which will help to develop core and shoulder stability. You have to steadily lie down on the ball positioned on the lower abdominal and pelvis. Now support the feet against the wall for gaining a balance. Your arms should be expanded down in the front of your chest. As you exhale you have to lift your both arms right above the head; but make sure your back or the ball you’re laying shouldn’t move at all.

You’ve to be in that position for 3 seconds and then drag your shoulders backward with the help of your palms facing upwards. Inhale as you experience a broadening in your chest.

Steadily you’ve to lower your arms back again. You can repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times for 3 sets.

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3. Standing Cable Row Exercise

Standing Cable Row Exercise

This is a very easy exercise which you do with the help of standing cable column which will reinforce your hip portion and abdominal muscles and your backside. The height of the handles should be positioned to your shoulder height as you grasp both the handles.
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Pull the handle with both your hands in the direction of your armpits, exhale and also keep your legs a bit apart for 1 second thus pressing the shoulder blades jointly. Slowly you can expand your hands, exhale and execute the whole movement with 10-15 repetitions for 3 sets.

4. Wide Grip Pulldowns Exercise

Wide Grip Pulldowns Exercise

Known to be an archetypal back exercise, the wide grip pulldowns reinforce the lower trapezius. As you lie down on the declined bench securing your feats on rest, you grasp the pulldown bar with both your hands.Firstly you stretch your hands outwards above your head with the shoulder blades squeezed together, and secondly the hands should be widened upwards to the top of your chest. You need to repeat 10 repetitions for 3 sets.

5. Seated Cable Rows Exercise

Seated Cable Rows Exercise

You can work on your lower trapezius with the seated cable rows. You have to sit straight with abs tight on the flat bench of a low cable machine; feet positioned on the foot plate and knees bent; and grasping the cable machine’s handle towards your chest.But do not move your torso and concentrate on dragging your elbows towards your sides by compressing your shoulder blades. You need to pull the cable handle till it reaches your abdomen and steadily go back to the starting point. You can continue with 10 repetitions for 3 sets. Therefore you can successfully perform the above lower trapezius exercises.