5 Beneficial Step Of Lat Pulldown Exercise For Weight Loss

Spine forms the building block which supports every organ of the body. It is a set of muscles which holds and keeps the different body parts as a one unit.

For toned and chiselled back lat pull down exercises helps you a lot.

A strong and robust back is the goal of every strength and fitness training program. This is a strength training work out that works primarily on the upper back and offers you desired output. In this article we will talk about five step lat pull exercise for weight loss. If you are a beginner and have not done this exercise before then below are mentioned five steps to do this exercise in a proper way.

These Are Step Of Lat Pulldown Exercise For Weight Loss

Lateral Pull Downs

To do this step you need to stand straight and hold the bar of the lat pull down machine. Now sit down and firmly grip the bar. Your palms should be facing outside and arms completely extended over the head. Keep the back in arch position and completely erect. One should not lean behind while pulling the bar to the top portion of the chest. Remain in this position for two seconds.

Reverse Chin-Ups

In this step you will need to stand on the bench. Place your palms facing towards your body. Keep yourself at the head of the chin up position. Now bend yourself for five seconds till both of your arms are completely stretched. Now raise your body to return to the starting position.

Pull Ups With Palms Facing Each Other

Many people experience that when their palms face each other their grip is more solid and firm. To do this step lift your body up in an increasing manner and then again bring it down in an interval of three seconds without any halt while lowering the body.


Keep your palms facing towards your body and maintain a distance of the width of shoulders in between. Now pull one fourth of your body up. Pull your chin and rise over the bar. Pause for a second and again return to the original position by lowering your body. Don’t tilt your head in backward direction while performing this step.

Pull Ups Using Wide Hand Grip

Wise grip makes the exercise more challenging and focused. Face palms away from the body and hold the curved region of the bar to increase the distance between your hands and make it wider. Lower your arms with full stretch and be in this position for three seconds and again raise your arms quickly and hold the position for one second.

Lat pull down exercise powerfully stabilizes your spine and helps in maintaining right posture for performing exercises like squats, deadlifts and other athletic movement. This is an exercise which exercises multiple joints in the body which comprises of shoulder joints and elbow joints. Exercises develop the strength of your biceps, trapezius, rhomboids and pectoralis muscles which not only make your upper back and shoulders strong but also help in reducing excess body weight.


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