5 Benefits Of Doing Planks – Why Should You Do Planks

Benefits Of Doing Planks

Planks are the most popular element of isometric training. This is about contracting the muscles against resistance which is stationary for the maximum benefit. These exercises are generally common in case of injury rehabilitation or even in reconditioning. Besides this, planks are beneficial in many ways. They are a good form of strength training and help improving energy transference between lower and upper body.
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If you are still looking forward to some motivation to do planks, here are some more reasons.

Why Should You Do Planks

1. Helps To Achieve A Toned Belly

Helps To Achieve A Toned Belly

Planking helps in building inner core muscles. They lay the general foundation for that perfect six pack look. Abdominal fat is reduced, abdominal muscles get stronger and the mid section tightens well. However, to get that 6 pack look, fat has to be shed through other exercises too. Planking helps in toning down tummy muscles while strengthening the overall body.

2. Strengthens Muscles

Strengthens Muscles

Planks help in strengthening upper, lower and mid-section muscles. They also strengthen the inner core muscles which support the joints. The main supporters of plank exercises are rectus abdominis and the transverse abdominis which are the main structures of inner and outer abdominal muscles. The entire core is strengthened and stabilized.

3. Improves The Mood

Improves the Mood

Planks help in boosting mood just like any other exercise. They stretch and relax muscle groups which tend to get stiff and often tense due to prolonged sitting. This kind of tension is released by planks. It is highly recommended for those who do a lot of desk work and spend several hours in the computer.

4. Helps To Reduce Back Pain

Helps To Reduce Back Pain

Planks help in reducing back pain as they help in strengthening the core muscles. Back pain is reduced as muscles are relaxed.

In fact with regular plank exercises, the back muscles are strengthened – especially the upper back muscles!
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They help in strengthening the core muscles and help in reducing lower back pain.
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5. Helps In Increasing Flexibility

Helps In Increasing Flexibility

Plank exercises help in building strength and enhance muscle flexibility. The muscles around shoulder blades and even the collarbone expand as well as stretch. This is one of those areas which gets the least movement and attention. Side planks helps in stretching the sides and increases flexibility.Once you start plank exercises you will understand how effective they are and how better you feel. Start them right away.