5 Best Adductor Muscle Exercises For Healthy Living

Adductor Muscle Exercises For Healthy Living

Staying fit and healthy is of great importance at any point of a lifetime and thus knowing about certain important ways to lead a healthy way helps in the long run as well. One of this is the exercise which increases the activity of adductor muscles in the body which is actually the longest bone in the human body and runs inward to the thigh region as well. Exercising the adductor muscles not only helps one to walk properly, but also helps in skipping, running and in performing other daily chores with much more flexibility and ease. Within the array of exercises one may do, including some which strengthens the adductor muscles is of utmost importance as well.

Some Of The Adductor Muscle Exercises For Healthy Life Are Discussed Below.

Taking The Stairs

Fortunately the simplest of the activities which a normal person usually avoids, taking the staircase instead of an escalator or a lift is said to be one of the most easy exercise to strengthen the adductor muscles in the body. Taking the stairs carefully and taking two steps at a time and pretty fast for at least a few minutes at stretch helps to a great extent.

Taking the stairs

Scissor kicks

To feel the impact one needs to carry out this exercise slowly and with caution so that no muscle strain happens. To reap the benefits one needs to lie on the back with hands at the sides and legs apart according to hip width. Raising the legs to a 70 degree angle from the floor and slowly criss-crossing each leg does the trick.

Scissor kicks

Leg Raise

An easy adductor muscle exercise, to get benefitted one needs to lie down side ways and slowly raise the body and balance it on the elbow! After that, raising one of the legs in the air and raising the other leg away from the ground while both the legs are in perpendicular position and keeping it like that do the trick. Repeating this for ten times in three sets help to a large extent!

Leg Raise

Knee Bends

One of the most effective of them all, this exercise is done by standing with the legs wide apart and making sure that the feet are situated at a ninety degree angle to the body. After that one needs to balance the posture with stretching the hands in the front and trying to do squats. This helps in strengthening the inner thighs and the adductor muscles.

Deep Knee Bends

Ball Exercise

This exercise is simple and easy and just needs a ball to do it. One needs to lie down on the floor with the hands on the sides and place a ball between the legs and bend the legs to knee level. Once it is done, squeezing the ball so that the legs are nearer helps. Repeating it in three sets tones the abductor muscles!

 Ball  Exercise