5 Best Armpit Fat Exercises

Best Armpit Fat Exercises

Armpit fat is a common problem faced nowadays. It is quite annoying to see that bulge every time you wear a sleeveless dress or shirt. To keep the flab away from the armpit, you have to do certain exercises which will enable you to be able to do something about the fat deposit in your armpit. If you have a toned and fit body, having well defined armpits is certainly an important part of that as well. Armpit fat can be combated by using a set of exercises that help you to develop your muscles in the underarm area.

Armpit fat can be melted using exercises such as hammer curls, pushups, pull-ups, dumbbell peck flies, dumbbell back flies, triceps kickbacks, plank elbow raises, lateral raises, chest presses, barbell bent over rows besides others.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best exercises to remove armpit fat.
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5 Exercises To Remove Armpit Fat

1. Barbell Bent Over Rows

Barbell Bent Over Rows

Barbell bent over rows exercise the back muscles and the core.  In order to do barbell bent over rows, you need to grip a barbell with both hands. Now hold the barbell with your hands such that your arms are at a right angle to the floor.

Now pull in your shoulder blades and move the barbell towards the middle of your body. Hold this position for a second and then release. Do this exercise for about 6 to 8 repetitions in sets of 3 for optimal benefit.

2. Chest Press

Chest press involves the following steps. You need to lie down on a bench with dumbbells gripped in either hand. Your arms should be raised above you.
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Now bend your elbows till they are at a right angle to your upper body and the dumbbells are pressed against the chest.

Chest Press

Hold this position for about 1 second and then release yourself from this position. This ensures that you are able to exercise your arms and rid your self of armpit fat. You can do about 6 to 8 repetitions of this exercise for about 3 sets for optimal benefit.

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3. Lateral Raises

You need to stand straight with dumbbells gripped in either hand. You need to raise your hands holding the dumbbell by bending your elbow.

Ensure that the dumbbells are on the same level as the shoulder.

Hold this pose for a second and then let go. You should ideally do about 6 to 8 repetitions of this exercise in 3 sets for good results.

Lateral Raises

4. Dumbbell Back Flies

In order to perform this exercise, you need to bend over with your hands gripping a dumbbell each and facing downwards. Now lift your hands backwards such that the dumbbells meet each other behind your back.

Hold this position for about 3 seconds and then repeat this exercise about 12 to 15 times for 2 sets. This will help you to lessen armpit fat.

Dumbbell Back Flies

5. Pushups

In order to do the pushups, you need to lie horizontally on the floor balancing you body on the palms of your hands and the toes of your feet. Now bend your elbows such that the chest is touching the floor.

Hold this position for 1 second and then raise yourself. You can do about 6 pushups in 2 sets to start with and gradually increase the number as you progress further.