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5 Best Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

Humans are the most beautiful creature of the nature and every men or the woman wants to look attractive in this his physique plays an important role , there are many fatty and thin guys in this world and thin guys they always be underestimated about their physique , the most important thing regarding their physique is that they do not follow the proper diet and hence they do not have the proteins, vitamins and the minerals in their diet so they have to take all this from different sources , protein plays an important role in this is increase your weight so there are some products that has given you the weight which you want-

1- Serious On

this is the best product in the market the weight which is gain by this supplement is totally natural in this there  is up to 90% of the whey protein , even many athletes use this as to be fit and in this some amount of the carbohydrate is also present which ultimately gives you the energy while exercise, its comes in the vanilla and the chocolate flavor you can buy it any place whether from online marketing or form any medical or gym shop , the cost of 1 kg of protein is around 3000 rs.

2- Universal Whey Protein

this is another most popular weight gain product in the world and the universal is the most trusted brand also, champions and the gym trainer always prefer to take it , universal also is member of the world body building association and carried out many championship , this is 100% whey protein powder, add two banana to it is  mix it with the water and the milk shake it well and then take it before and the after exercise for best results take it thrice with the meals and the cost is around 2500 rs per kg.

3- Netrotech

if you want to gain the weight in no time then this is the most useful supplement , for the best results add two banana with two table spoon of the protein powder and milk mix it well and drink it twice and thrice if you take  it with the meals , for this exercise is must and the heavy weight is required, if you follow a proper diet plan then the effect of this powder is very good the cost of this protein powder is around 1200 rs per kg. The company is muscletech and its also make others supplements too.

4-  Bsn Syntha-6

the most expensive whey product and the most effective also , it is best use with the creatine of it in some offers the creatine powder is also used whenever you are using this take proper amount of glucose and plenty of water the cost of this supplement is around 100 us dollar, its comes in a 2 lb and lb and the 10 lb , this has the unique kick starts recovery , this has the amino acid in it which has the unique muscle build technology.

5- Dymatize ISO 100

dymatize is USA based health and drug company , this is most popular in USA but now it has expanded to other parts of the world its has both the content of the whey protein and the carbohydrates the whey is hydrolyzed clear with triple layer filtration , the muscle build by this protein is without fat and long lasting if it take with the milk then the best results will happen also the cost of this product is almost 100 us dollar per 5 lb.


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