5 Best Shoulder Arthritis Exercises

 Best Shoulder Arthritis Exercises

Arthritis is a big problem as it causes pain, soreness and stiffness. To treat arthritis effectively, you need to be able to perform certain exercises. A very important part of rehabilitation and treatment are the shoulder arthritis exercises. These exercises provide ease of movement and heal the pain.

  Some of the best shoulder arthritis exercises are shoulder flexion, shoulder rotation, shoulder shrugs, shoulder blade squeeze, rotator cuff strengthening exercise and pendulum swing.

These exercises are effective in treating arthritis.

It is vital that these exercises form the core of a rehabilitation and treatment program for arthritis. In this article, we will explore some of the best shoulder arthritis exercises which will enable you to overcome arthritis.

5 Best Shoulder Arthritis Exercises

1. Shoulder Flexion

For this exercise, you will require a wooden stick. Grip the wooden stick with both hands and lie down on the floor or a flat bench. Keeping your arms straight, raise your arms which are holding the stick upwards and hold this position for 1 second.Then release yourself from this position and do this exercise in a smooth flow for about 5 minutes. You will experience an immediate relief from pain.

 Shoulder Flexion

2. Pendulum Swing

In order to perform this exercise, you need to grip the edge of a chair or support with the arm that does not have the arthritis. The other arm which is affected should be relaxed and straight. Then using the momentum of your legs and hips which are swaying like a pendulum, you need to make circular movements clockwise and counter clockwise directions alternately.Make bigger and bigger circles till your capability allows it.

This exercise should be done gently and you should do it for a few minutes daily to obtain relief from the pain.

 Pendulum Swing

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3. Shoulder Rotation

To do this exercise, you need to hold a wooden stick in your hands and lie down with your hands in the front of your body. Move the stick sideways towards the shoulder which has the pain.Go as far as you can and then return to the original position. Shoulder rotation is a good exercise for healing pain and easing stiffness characteristic of arthritis.

Shoulder Rotation

4. Resisted Rows

To do this exercise, you need a thera band. You need to hold the ends of the thera band securely in your arms and loop the middle of the band across a knob or a bedpost. Now pull your arms backwards in such a way that your elbows are at a right angle to the floor.Hold this position for a while and gently release yourself from this position. Do a few repetitions for gaining relief from arthritic pain.

Resisted Rows

5. Shoulder Shrug

To do this exercise, you need to stand upright keeping your body straight. Your arms should hang loosely on the side and you should keep your shoulders straight. Now slowly raise both edges of the shoulders upwards till they are at level with your chin.Do some shoulder shrugs in a clockwise direction and some in the counter clockwise direction. Shoulder shrugs are great for reducing pain and giving relief from arthritis.

Shoulder Shrug