5 Best Shoulder Exercises For Mass

5 Best Shoulder Exercises For Mass

To create an overall muscular image, it’s essential to build shoulder muscles. Not only you will get the “V” shape tapered look, but also by having broad shoulders your waist will tend to look much narrower. Shoulders are one such part of the body that the bodybuilders strive to build, in their training. Just like other muscles, shoulders too require specific types of compound movement that work on the entire upper body.

It’s important to know that, exercises that solely concentrate on building shoulder muscles are not the best exercises. A well planned full body workout session, will build the shoulder mass in the right proportions.

5 Shoulder Exercises For Mass

1. Front Dumbbell Raise

Front Dumbbell Raise

Alternating front dumbbell raise is one of the simplest, yet effective exercise to build shoulder muscles. Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Place the dumbbells on your thighs at arm’s length with palms of your hands facing your thighs.Now begin to lift the dumbbell up with your arm until it’s almost parallel to the floor. Hold a second at that position and slowly bring it down to raise the other dumbbell. Alternate slowly between hands until you complete 20 reps in 2 sets.

2. Barbell Rear Delt Row

Barbell Rear Delt Row

This is one of the best shoulder building exercises that you can do in your training. Hold the barbell using a wide overhand grip with your arms and stand straight. Then bend your knees while slightly lowering your upper body.

Suspend your arms in front of you as they are holding the barbells. Now begin to pull the barbells up until the bar touches your upper chest. At that position, squeeze your delts and breathe out. Then slowly go back to first position. Repeat for 20 reps in each set.

3. Seated Dumbbell Press

Seated Dumbbell Press

This exercise works on your shoulders and triceps. You can do this exercise at your home, if you have a pair of dumbbells.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and sit on a bench, place the dumbbells on your thighs for support.Slowly lift the dumbbells up at shoulder height and move them to either side of shoulder. This will be your starting position. Now push the dumbbells up towards the ceiling. Hold for a second and lower the dumbbells to bring back to first position. Do about 20 reps in each set.

4. Standing Military Press

Standing Military Press

Standing military or overhead press is an excellent exercise to build shoulders and triceps. First load the barbell on the squat rack at shoulder level. Hold the barbell using a wider grip than shoulder width and palms should be facing forward.Place the barbell on the collarbone and bend your knees slightly. Slowly lift the barbell up until the arms get extended. Then slowly lower the weight back to first position and repeat for 20 reps in each set.

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5. Lying Rear Delt Raise

Lying Rear Delt Raise

It’s another wonderful exercise that you can do with dumbbells. Hold the dumbbell in each hand and lie down on a flat bench. Rotate the palms of your hands until they face towards torso and bend your elbows. Now slowly raise the arms to either side until both the arms are parallel to the floor.

Hold for a moment and lower the dumbbells to the starting position. Repeat the same movement for about 20 reps in each set.