5 Best Shoulder Muscle Workout

Sitting long hours in front of the computer or reading at a stretch for several hours or even without any specific reason can actually stretch your shoulder muscles. Slight pain, difficulty in moving and ache are all indications that you have to exercise to keep your shoulder muscles healthy.

This is important for maintaining your right posture and your body flexibility. So, whether your shoulder blade muscles ache or not you can try out these exercises for maintaining their fitness.
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5 Best Exercises For Shoulder Muscles

Bear Hug Stretch

Stand and keep your torso tall. Your back should be straight. Your right arm should go across your body. Keep your hand just on your left shoulder blade. You can cross your left arm just over your right arm. You can place your hand just on your right shoulder blade.

Now, take a very deep breath. While exhaling you need to squeeze and tuck your chin little bit. Hug yourself. You will soon experience a stretch in your shoulder blades. Be at this position for at least 30 seconds and repeat.

Bar Exercise

You will need a fixed bar for this exercise. You can stand close to a fixed bar. Your chest should be facing towards it.
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Hold the bar firmly in your grip. Breathe deeply.As you slowly exhale lean a little backwards. Your body and hips will gently fall back. Your feet should be in place. Stretch for at least 30 seconds.

Early Morning Stretching

Stand up straight and keep your feet completely flat. They should be apart – preferably hip width. You can bring your hand behind and slowly interlock them.
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Your palms should be facing a little away from your back. You can then stretch your hands little downwards and slightly outwards.

Do not exert yourself. You will feel the shoulder blade muscle stretching. You can repeat this entire process. Your palms should face your back while you are repeating. Remember that your palms should face towards the ground.

Scarf Stretch

A simple exercise which can be performed used a scarf. You need to wrap your right arm just over left shoulder as you would do with a scarf. Your right shoulder will relax and sag a little downwards. You can place your left hand just on the back side of your right elbow.

Breathe deeply. While exhaling, pull the inside section of your right elbow just towards the left shoulder. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds and then repeat it using your right arm.

Shoulder Muscles Easy Stretch

Hinge a bit forward from your waist area as your press your chest little bit over your left thigh. Your both knees will be bend a bit. As you feel the stretched point in the right shoulder blade muscle area, keep it for at least 10 seconds.

Repeat the exercise with your other shoulder.
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However, be careful never to strain yourself especially when you feel a pain in the muscles. If you practice any of the above exercises at least twice or thrice a week you will be able to relax your shoulder blade muscles effectively.


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