5 Best Time To Practice Yoga

The benefits of doing yoga everyday is limitless! It is good for your body, keeps you in shape and is good for the overall health of your body and mind. Yoga should be done, following certain rules or else you will not get all benefits of practicing yoga. Time is especially important; here are some time related facts which need to follow when doing yoga. Here are some ideas on the best time to practice yoga.

When Should Yoga Be Done:

Early Morning

The best time for doing yoga is always in the early hours of morning. Though yoga is not as strenuous as any sporting activity, you will still need time to gradually increase the repetitions. Beginners should start early morning for short durations and then gradually increase your time spent.

Mid Morning

If you wish to practice mid morning, the best time would be between 9 to 10 am. Do not have breakfast before you practice. Have a glass of water or sip in some lime juice at least 45 minutes before your sessions.


Yoga is usually not practiced in the afternoon. This is the post lunch period when the body is full after lunch and needs time for digestion. It is not healthy to practice just after your lunch. Lunch should not be skipped either because you should not have a heavy meal right after you practice. Your body will need time.

Early Evening

Those who wish to practice yoga in the evening, the ideal time is between 4 to 5 pm. You should have completed your lunch at least three hours earlier and not had anything in between. You can have a glass of water or some fresh fruit juice before you start your practice sessions, if you feel thirsty.

Late Evening

Yoga can also be done late in the evening. Your last meal should be at least 3 hours before you start your session.

Also, do not start in completely empty stomach or when you are extremely tired after the day. If your last meal was more than 4 hours early, you should have a glass of fresh juice and then start. Start with lighter postures in the evening.

Whenever you practice yoga, you should ensure that you feel good and eager – yoga should never be done when you are too tired or else it will not help you.


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