5 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises For Women’s Fitness And Agility

5 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises For Women's Fitness And Agility

Cardio exercises are popular among men and women alike. Bodyweight cardio exercises for women’s fitness and agility are specific exercises, which are known to help in burning fat and gaining muscle strength. These exercises help in increasing your heart rate, works out all the important muscles, helps in fat loss and builds flexibility and agility. Women athletes and weight lifters specifically benefit from these exercises as it helps in building muscle mass, improves fitness, and builds agility which improves their performance.

Here Are 5 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises For Women’s Fitness And Agility:

1. Step Ups:

To do this workout, all you need is a chair or even a sturdy table. You simply need a step-like structure which will help in working out your muscles. To start the workout, you can place a foot on top of a step or a box. Now, you need to drive up one foot to the top of a box. You can again jump in the air and off the box.

When in the air, you can switch and then land on the other foot just on the top section of this box. You can touch the floor with your other foot and then again quickly back up. You can again push off the foot on this box. You should be jumping as much as you can while you are driving off your foot on this box. You can switch and then land on your other leg just on your other feet. You can use your arms to move up as you are able to jump. As you land, you can swing the arms back and again swing them overhead. You can do this quick movement at least 10-12 times at a stretch.

Step Ups:

2. Sprinter Sit Ups:

This is an effective exercise and can be done by beginners also. You need to start the workout in a seated position.

Keep your legs extended and just in front. Your arms shall be bent at an angle of 90-degrees. You can lean back a bit, as you slowly lift your right leg as you keep your right knee a bit bent. You can move your left elbow to the right knee, as you are keeping the obliques engaged. You can swiftly twist the upper torso towards the right. Get back to the start position. You can repeat the movement on your other side.

Sprinter Sit Ups:

3. Jumping Jack:

This is one of the most popular cardio workouts which benefits men and women alike. This is often described as a classic cardio. You need to warm up before you start the exercise. Start the exercise by keeping your feet together. Your hands shall be by your sides. Keep your core engaged. You need to jump now with all your might, as you keep your legs apart.

You should also bring the arms just overhead, as you clap on the top. You need to keep your knees bent while you are jumping. Keep your feet back together and then again bring down your arms. You need to quickly do the movements which will help in burning the maximum fat.

Your muscles shall be toned and agility built.

Jumping Jack

4. Crawling:

Crawling is one effective cardio exercise which is suitable for everyone, but the irony is most people love to hate doing the workout. This might appear to be a simple exercise but it is quite strenuous and works on a number of muscles at the same time, which includes the difficult abdominal muscles. Women tend to put on weight in this area, hence this exercise is quite effective. This is a great way to strengthen the core muscles as fat is burned and the core muscles are strengthened. The movement is quite similar to how crawling is done by babies. The shoulders and the knees are under great pressure during this exercise. It is possible to crawl in a circle or you can even take a few steps forward or backward as you are doing the workout. Crawling should be ideally done for 10-12 minutes initially and then increase as per ability.


5. Wide Mountain Climbers:

You need to start in a plank position as you keep your core muscles tight. You need to bring your right foot forward, to the out of your right hand. This will give you a position which is quite similar to a lunge.

You need to jump and then switch your feet as it is midair. This will ensure that you are able to land using your left foot. This shall be out of the left hand as you are able to keep your right foot straight back. You need to do this movement continuously alternating as quick as possible.

Wide Mountain Climbers: