5 Chest Exercises For Muscles Without Weight

If you are aiming for a muscular body, without working out your chest muscles, you are definitely not doing it right!

Men and women need to focus on building their chest muscles if they are looking for muscle building, as uneven chest muscles will look odd. Your physique shall not get a good shape. You can workout your chest muscles without using weights and by exercising from your home too. Chest exercises help in making several movements easier and help in building flexibility of the body.

Here Are 5 Chest Exercises Without Weight:

1. Gorilla Push Up

Start from your basic push-up position. Your body shall be in a down position. You can then rapidly push yourself up. Just clap or slap your chest and get back to the starting position. This is an advanced pushup. If you are just starting, do not try this workout, until you are easy and comfortable with the basic pushup.


Gorilla Push Up

2. Side Push Up

Start the workout by lying down on your side. Your arm shall be placed close to the ground and around the waist. Your other arm shall be in front of the chest. Keep your arm on the ground. Your fingers shall be pointed inline along with the body. Slowly, press in your hand, as you lift up your shoulders from the ground. Do this at a comfortable pace and hold on to for 2-3 seconds and get back to the start position. Repeat 10-12 times as you begin.


Side Push Up

3. Incline Flyes

This is a perfect chest workout to build muscles. It workout the shoulder muscles too. You need an incline of about 30-degrees. Start by lying on one incline bench. Keep your feet flat on the floor. You will hold the dumbbell in your hands. Slowly extend the arms above your shoulders and bend your elbows a bit, if you feel the need. Your palm shall face one another. You will slowly pull in your belly button along with your shoulder blades. Your elbows will be locked. You can slowly lower and again open your arms as you move close to the floor. Stop when you notice that the hands are even with the shoulders. Get back to the start position. Remember to keep your shoulder blades squeezed throughout.

 Incline Flyes

4. Behind Head Stretches

This is an easy chest workout for beginners. Sit straight on the floor. Your partner shall be standing just behind. Now, place your hands just behind the head. You can push your elbow back as much as you are able to. Your partner shall hold your elbow at this point, as you try and pull the elbows forward. Your hands shall be in place. This repetition shall be of 10 seconds. Your partner will be holding on to your elbows and not let them move as you pull your elbows forward. Relax after every repetition.

Behind Head Stretches

5. Wide Pushup

This is done quite like the traditional pushup. Start in the original pushup as you prepare for this workout. The only difference is that your hands shall be as wide as you are comfortable when you do the workout.  You should be able to control your movements comfortably. You can place your hands at least 2-4 inches from the width of the elbows, as you keep the arms straight from the sides. This will strain the chest muscles more. The main idea is to strain the chest muscles. So, drop to the knees, if you find your form is sliding.

Do this 15-20 times.

Wide Pushup