5 Chest Press Variation Exercises For Stronger Chest To Include In Routine

Chest press is one of the most common workouts which help in toning the chest muscles and also help in achieving stronger muscles. These exercises can be done in great variation, which increases the effectiveness of the workout. No matter what your fitness plan is or what your goals are, chest press variation workouts should be included in your daily routine. These workouts also help in building overall muscle strength and endurance. They improve blood circulation and help in improving overall fitness level as well.

Here Are 5 Chest Press Variation Exercises For Stronger Chest To Include In Routine:

1. Decline Bench Press:

This is an effective exercise which helps in targeting all the chest muscles.This exercise is quite suitable for bodybuilders, as it helps in lifting more weight.

Start the workout by setting up a bench station. You can adjust the decline of this bench as per your comfort level. Hold the bar of the bench with a good grip overhead. Your hands shall be at least shoulder distance apart.

You can hook the top part of your feet, just under the pads, at the bench end. You need to lift this bar from the rack and then bring it down to the level of your chest. The motion shall be controlled and smooth. You can again push this bar up. You can also resist the tendency of the bar and move it backwards. You need to do this at least 6-8 times as you start working out.

Decline Bench Press

2. Decline Dumbbell Chest Press:

This workout has a focus on the lower chest muscles. This will help in lifting weight which is more than your regular chest press routine. You need to adjust one flat bench and position it at a 45 degree angle. You will need which help you to do at least 10 repetitions. Now, sit down comfortably on the bench. A dumbbell shall be in each hand. It shall rest on the thighs.

You can lean a bit back and then pull the dumbbells down and bring them towards your chest level. Your feet shall be flat on the ground. They need to be hinged just under the foot pads. You will press these dumbbells straight and up.
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Move in a controlled and slow manner. You need to avoid moving your head back in this position. Repeat at least 10 times. If possible do 2 sets.

 Decline Dumbbell Chest Press

3. Kettlebell Chest Press:

This exercise helps in working out all the stabilizing muscles of the chest. You will need one pair of super bands for the workout. You will also need heavy kettlebells. As the barbell is racked, you will fold a band in half. You can then loop it and also double it, using the handle of the kettlebell. You will loop just the end of this barbell so that the kettlebell is nicely suspended from the bar. You will do this same with your other band and also the kettlebell. You can place it just at the other end of your bar. You will again slowly lift this bar. You have to be careful. This exercise helps in strengthening the chest muscles and builds power and stability.

Kettlebell Chest Press

4. Mixed Grip Press:

This exercise helps in challenging your muscles in quite a different way. Your hands shall be having different grips. This press helps in increasing the coordination between different muscles. You need to set a bench press station using a flat bench. You can grasp this bar using an underhand grip with a hand.

Your another hand shall have an overhead grip. It shall be a little distance apart from one another. You will slowly lift the bar from the rack and then put it down slowly in a well controlled and smooth manner. It shall be touching the chest. You can push this bar up as you keep it from rotating to a side.

You need to do 10 repetitions. Repeat three times.

Mixed Grip Press

5. Wrist Rotating Press:

In this variation, you will be able to add rotation which helps in increasing muscle coordination and activation. It also helps in stimulating the wrist movement. This exercise is quite suitable for athletes for building strength, flexibility and circulation in the chest muscles. For this workout, you will need to adjust one flat bench. It needs to be at 180 degree angle. You will be using dumbbells which are comfortable.

Now, sit down comfortably on a bench. You will hold a dumbbell in your hand.

It shall rest on the thighs. Now, slowly lean a bit back and bring the dumbbells up to the level of your chest. Your grip shall be neutral. As you keep your feet flat completely on ground, you can press the dumbbells up and in a controlled and straight manner. While you are pressing up, you will be rotating the wrists. This shall have your arms extended.

You shall be grasping these dumbbells using a good overhand grip. Now, lower the dumbbells back and you can repeat.
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Repeat at least 10 times.

Wrist Rotating Press