5 Core Exercises For Improved Running and Better Sports Performance

Core exercises are beneficial in many ways, especially for runners and improved sports performance. These exercise helps to workout your whole body and helps in improving flexibility. Blood circulation improves, fat loss is assured and endurance level increases. Runners and sportsmen should always include a set of core exercises in their daily workout routine for ensuring improved running and greater sports performance.

Here Are 5 Core Exercises For Improved Running

1. Russian Twists

You will need five to ten pound weight for this workout. You can also use a medicine ball on the floor. Sit down on the ground as you keep your legs extended. You need to roll your shoulders a bit back and then sit up tall as much as you are able to. Your back shall be straight. Lean a bit back till you are able to keep your abs engaged. To challenge yourself a bit more, you can slowly lift up your feet from the floor. Now, twist a bit to the right and pick the medicine ball or your own ball. As you hold the weight, you can twist right to left as much as you can. This workout builds flexibility which is much needed for improved sports performance.


2. Side Steps

Runners are known to benefit tremendously from this workout. You need a threaband just around your ankles. Your knees shall be a bit bent. You need to take at least 10 steps a bit laterally. Your band shall be tight so that you are able to get continuous resistance in all your steps.

As you face the same direction, you need to take at least ten more steps and get back to your start position. This will be one set. You need to do at least 10 sets.


3. Modified Bicycling

Start by lying down on your back.
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You will hold one leg up just in the air. Keep your thigh a bit perpendicular to the body. Your shin shall be parallel to the ground. Now, you need to hold the other leg at least 2-3 inches from the ground. You need to hold on to this position for a few seconds and then switch your legs. Your lower back shall be in a neutral position throughout.  Do this for ten minutes at least.

This exercise should be an integral part of the workout schedule of runners.


4. Side Planks

Side planks are a great performance booster for sportsmen. This exercise stretches the core muscles and thighs, building strength and stamina. To start this workout, you need to lie on your side. Lift up your body so that your whole weight is on one forearm and also to the side of a foot. You should form a straight and diagonal line from the head to the feet. You can do at least 10 lateral raises at a time. This will be tough if you are not used to planks. As a beginner, you can start with two exercises.


5. Supine Leg Lift

This exercise gives power to your thighs and leg muscles which ensure better sports performance. Start by lying down on your back. Keep your weight on your heels and elbows. You need to lift your hips and ensure you make a straight line from the toes to shoulders. You need to lift one leg at least eight inches from the ground. Keep your leg in this position for at least ten seconds. You can then repeat with your opposite leg.