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5 Core Moves Every Athlete Needs

Are you looking for the best exercise to become strong personality? Well, you are at the right place. There are a lot of workout exercises out there, which probably beneficial to your abs but what about other parts of your body? While work out some exercise, most of us focus on their abs more than an elbow, back, leg etc.

Being a strong athlete is not simple as it seems. It required hard work and persistent. Exercise is not just the tool to strengthen your body and sculpt your posture but it also an effective key to boosting your energy makes your brain to stay sharp forever thus it is being the part of life. 5 exercise which gets you focus on all parts of a body and that is what an athlete needs:

1. Plank:

Plank is one of the popular workout exercises which have been performed by many athletes across the world. It would be easy as well as comfortable for the beginners. As soon as you practice this amazing workout on daily basis, your muscles will be stronger than before. planking is a sort of workout which has numerous benefits. Before performing plank makes sure that you keep your toes and elbow on the straight path with lifting your hips down the ground. Just perform the plank with immense speed and energy. You will remain fresh and energetic even at the end of the day.
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2. Twisted Lungs:

Twisted Lungs are high impact workout that can certainly do the lot for your body. It would tone your muscles and strengthen your body.
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Twisted lungs are really made much sense for you who are stunning for a flat belly with good posture. Performing twisted lungs are easy as planking. Just holds the ball and twist your entire body to get you into a twisted posture. If you have been dreaming about how to become celebrities with Zero fat belly, this is exactly what you need. In addition to this, it will help you in boost energy and improve immunity which ensures healthy life forever.


3. Front Swing:

Front swing is the easy and cool workout to get the flat belly and strong legs. While performing front swing, you can realize a lot of calories flush out from your body. You will become slim and fit once you have mastered this exercise. Just hold the ball and swing it at anytime you want.
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Repeat the sequence to get the better result.

4. Burpees:

Burpees are quite popular among the women nowadays. There are so many workout exercises out there, but burpees are the easiest one among all. It would make you fit and healthy.
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It will tone up your muscles and burn fat that is hidden around arms and chest. Burpees gain huge popularity among many people as it is quite effective and yield quick results.

5. Medicine Ball Twistl:

If you like the twist or rolling exercise, this is the one you should workout every day. It would be very easy and comfy for you. Whether you are homemaker or employee, this amazing ball twist exercise will perfectly suit for you. Just hold the ball and twist the way you like. Although it is basic exercise, it will be very beneficial for women as it tends to burn fat at the faster rate. If you workout medicine ball twist for thrice a week, you can reach maximum results.


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