5 Core Strengthening Exercises

Core Strengthening Exercises

If you have strong core muscles, it will be much easier for you to do many physical activities and stay fit and healthy. The more core exercises you try out on a regular basis, the more strength you gain.

Core offers great support to our body without which there might be some great complexities. Core exercises are not just for athletes, but they are for all. Anyone who tries to stay fit and healthy should try core strengthening exercises.
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Best Exercises To Strengthen Core Muscles

Raised Knee-In

This exercise targets the lower abdominal muscles and strengthens the core. Start by lying down on your back comfortably. Keep your arms by your sides. Your palms will be down. They should be placed just below your butt or lower back.
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You will slowly press small section of your back, against floor and then slowly extend your legs outwards.

Your heels shall be at least 3 inches up and above the floor. Keep your lower back to the floor and slowly lift the left knee nearer to your chest. Your right leg should be hovering just above the floor. Hold on to this position. You can straighten your left leg and get back to the start.

Repeat this with your right leg.

Raised Knee-InKnee Fold Tuck

For this exercise you will start by sitting down tall. Keep your hands on floor. Your knees shall be bent. You can also squeeze in a playground ball between your knees. Now, start lifting your knees which will make your shin parallel to floor. You can also extend your arms. Next, pull the knees close to your shoulders but your upper body will remain still. You can bring back your knees to start position. Repeat at least 20 times.

Knee Fold Tuck

Sliding Pike

Start in a plank. You will be on the floor. Your hands will be under your shoulders and a towel will be placed just under the feet. Keep your legs straight and slowly raise your hips. You can draw your legs towards your hands to get into a good pike position.
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At this position, you will notice that your feet is sliding quite easily. Hold on to this position for at least 1 count. Then get back to your start position. You will repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

Sliding Pike

Oblique Reach

Start by sitting with your knees bent on floor. You will straighten your right leg and slowly roll your spine to form a C curve. You will place your left hand just behind your head and extend the right hand. Now, twist your body towards the left. Roll little bit and count some more. You can do 5 repetitions and then slowly switch sides. This is the easiest exercise for your core.

Oblique Reach

Cable Crunch

For this exercise you need to be at your gym. Kneel down below a pulley that is attached. You will hold this cable attachment and slowly start lowering the rope till your hands are just beside your face. You can flex your hips a bit and ensure that the weight is hyper extended to your lower back position. This is from where you will start. At this position of your hips, you will slowly flex your waist just as you contract your abs. Your elbow will be traveling close to the middle area of your thighs. You will slowly exhale while you do this movement. Stay in this position for at least two seconds. Then get back to the start position as you will inhale. Repeat the exercise.

Cable Crunch