5 CrossFit Intensity Boosters You Should Be Aware Of

CrossFit workout has earned its popularity due to its high intensity. A CrossFit workout in itself is quite a lot for the day. However if you think that you still need something to boost up your daily CrossFit to harder level, then you would like to check these out.

1. Timed Sets:

You can change the way you define a set. Usually you make a set as a particular number of reps. Instead try to make a set out of a particular number of seconds or minutes. Let your sets be time specific. This way you will be able to push yourself to your actual limits. Numbered sets limit you to a particular number while timed sets help boost your workout. You can further increase the time of your sets as you get used to such sets.
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People who have tried timed sets swear by the effects. Timed sets are also better since work-to-rest ratio be easily monitored.

Timed Sets


It stands for ‘as many rounds as possible’. It focuses on doing a particular amount of work in a set time and then repeating it over again. Say in a 10 minute routine if you generally burn a certain amount of calories/rep, in an AMRAP you would increase the calorie/rep by 3 for every 3 rounds. It would look something like this. Rounds 1 to 3 burn 3 calories per rep and rounds 4-6 burn 6 calories per rep and rounds 7 to 9 burn 9 calories per rep and so on.


3. Timed Circuit:

You may be looking at your workout as a compilation of sets of various movements practiced over and over again. To bring in more intensity into your workout you may want to look at your workout little differently.
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Try to involve time based circuit training into your routine. The target here is to do a big chunk of work while improving upon the time. Timed circuits involve a group of exercises to be completed in a particular time frame or rather as fast as possible. You would have to complete a run, burpee, chin-up, squat, box-jump and again a run within a specific time. If you beat the time you end up feeling like a winner!

Timed Circuit

4. EMOM:

It stands for every-minute-on-the-minute. EMOM focuses on strength, muscle building and conditioning in a shorter time span. But you don’t have do everything in every minute of it. You can alternate lifts with minutes. This would allow the specific parts of body to rest while other parts work out. In an 18 minute EMOM you may include a burpee for the first minute, a clean and press for the second and a kettlebell squat in the third.


5. Mixed Modality Circuit:

If you have wanting to work on your overall fitness by enhancing muscle growth, strength and endurance then you must try mixed modality circuit. It is the kind that combines bodyweight, conditioning work and Olympic lifting. A number of CrossFit trainers use this combination to train aspiring fitness builders. This particular circuit is the kind that would require specific equipment and certain level of proficiency especially with the Olympic lifts. So make sure you have the proper equipment and a trainer. An general mixed modality circuit should include 4 rounds with 2 minutes of rest between each. Workouts can include bike, toes-to-bar, barbell snatch, push ups and squats.
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Mixed Modality Circuit