5 Dislocated Shoulder Exercises

There are many exercises which can be called the best exercises for shoulder dislocation. Wrestlers, Bodybuilders, Olympic weight Lifters have worked out for increasing the shoulder muscles for various reasons. Olympic Weight Lifters and Power lifters have worked on their shoulders to avoid the shoulders injuries and also to toughen up that portion compared to other portion of the body during the training or performing the lifts. Along with Lower Back and Knee areas, Shoulder area is another frequent area of injuries or the dislocation.

In our body there is no joint that is so complex and move in to any directions. In comparison to the other muscles the shoulder muscle is so small that by lifting heavy weight it can easily get injured. That is the reason at the beginning of the exercise the use of momentum in the shoulder is not great.

Some Dislocated Shoulder Exercises

1. Static Contraction Exercise

In this exercise someone can work out without moving the joint of the shoulder muscles. In Isometric Extension you have to stand against the wall with your hands by your side and when your elbows and wrists are straight then push back to the wall and try to hold it for 5 seconds and should repeat this for 5 times.

In this exercise there are many variations like Isometric Abduction, External Rotation and Internal Rotation.

In the External Rotation all you have to do is to stand facing the door frame, bent your elbows to 90 degree and place the back of your hand against it and then push. In the case of Internal Rotation again you have to follow the same process of external rotation by replacing the back of the hand with the palm of the hand on the side of the door frame.

Static Contraction Exercise

2. Resisted Exercise

Like the Isometric Exercise there is another dislocated exercise which can be helpful to get relief from the pain of the dislocation of the shoulder. Like the previous one here are the same processes you have to follow. This exercise basically works depending on your strength. In this exercise different resistances can be involved to help the muscles work gradually.

This method can involve using the resistance band which looks like a large elastic band.

This exercise actually strengthens the muscles and prevent from another dislocation in the future. In this exercise there are two new processes which you have to follow and that are Flexion and Shoulder Press.

Resisted Exercise

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3. Squeezing Shoulder Blades

 In this exercises all you have to do to stand with your arms at the side of yours you have to squeeze your shoulder blades together and remember not tom raise your shoulder doing the exercise. Hold it for 6 seconds and repeat it for 8-12 times.

Squeezing Shoulder Blades

4. Flexion Of The Shoulder

To Process this exercise you have to lie on your back and hold a large wand with your hands keeping in mind that your palms should have faced the down and wider in comparison to your shoulder. While doing this exercise your elbows should remain straight, and then slowly raise your hands with stretched shoulders and chest.

Flexion Of The Shoulder

5. Push Ups Against The Wall

For doing this exercise the person has to stand against the wall keeping your feet away about 12-24 inches from the wall, place your hands against it and keep them slightly wide apart than the shoulders.

 Push Ups Against The Wall

And then lean your body against the wall and push back to your first position and thus keep your motion under control and smooth.