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5 Donkey Kick Exercises To Firm Your Buttocks

Have you ever got caught up wind of the Donkey kick exercise? In all likelihood not! The Donkey exercise is the most recent wellness mantra that individuals are swearing by.

It is a piece of high impact exercise and both men and ladies can do it effortlessly. A healthy and firm glutes empowers you to run, walk, twist and jump.

Wouldn’t you say that such persevering muscles merit some extraordinary treatment?

Mentioned below are few exercises that you must try for a firm lower body.

5 Donkey Exercises For Firmer Buttocks

A Basic Kick

Put a mat and get on it, by your hands and knees. Make sure to let keep your hands just below your shoulders, and your knees and butts should be aligned. Keep your head straight. Let the thigh make a right angle with your torso, lift one leg and make sure it is pointing the ceiling. Stretch the foot how much ever you can and let your abs be stiff. Get back to the normal position and do it with the other leg.

Change the legs and do it for 8-10 times.

Wall Donkey

Stand in and upright position, then get down on the donkey position. Place your hands on the floor, and your knees on the floor, move a little backward or forward and adjust your position let the entire weight be on your toes and hands. Kick backward so that your foot touches the wall, come back to the normal position and repeat it for 10 times.

Straight Leg Position

Get on a basic donkey position, and stretch your one leg backwards, and stretch it as much as you can, letting your toe facing downwards. Get back to normal position and do it with another leg. Repeat the workout for 10-15 times for both the legs individually.

Circle Donkey Kick

Take the normal position like before, follow the basic simple donkey kick, and now rotate your leg the one which you have lifted, and come back to the normal position and do it with another leg. Repeat the process for 6-7 times.

Prone Buttock Extension

Lie down on a bench or a stool, where you can hang your legs down. Now, lift your legs so that the entire body forms one straight line. Hold this position for a minute or for how much ever time you can. Get back to normal position and repeat the exercise for 6 times.


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