5 Easy Beginners Core Exercises For Women

Core exercises help in challenging the core muscles from every angle. These help in improving the metabolism, help in burning calories at a faster rate and build flexibility among several other benefits. Women who are just starting their gym routines, should take it easy and begin with simpler exercises. This helps their body to get adjusted and also reduces the chances of injury while helping the body to workout amazingly.

Here Are 5 Simple Core Workouts For Women Who Are Just Starting:

1. Bicycle Crunches

Standing bicycle crunches are easy for women who are just starting their gym training.This is easier than the traditional crunches. Stand comfortably, as you keep your feet a little distance from one another. Keep your hand just behind your head. Keep your core tight, your back straight and shoulders relaxed as you lift your left leg. At the same time, you will lift your right knee and again lower the left elbow towards one another. Get back to the start position. Repeat the same movement on the other side. Do this 5 times on each side.

Bicycle Crunches

2. Knee Folds

This is an easy exercise which works on the core with three different motion. It helps in weight loss and builds flexibility. You need to sit down as you keep your back straight. Keep your knees bent. Your hands will be on the floor. Squeeze one ball between your knees. You will then lift your knees so that the shins are parallel to the floor. Keep your arms extended. Slowly pull the knees close to your shoulders as you keep your upper body still. Get back your knees to the original position. Repeat 10 times.

Knee Folds


3. Leg Lifts – Seated

This is the perfect exercise to target your hamstring and abs. Start on the ground. Your legs shall be extended in front. Your core will be engaged. Slightly lean a bit backward so that you can place your hand just on the either side of glutes. Inhale and lift one leg at least 6 inches from the ground. Stay in this position for at least 5 seconds. You can then put it down. Repeat this with your other leg. Take a break of 20 seconds and repeat. You can do 10 rounds each.

Leg Lifts - Seated

4. Side Balance Crunches

A good exercise which works on your hip fat and tones the muscles. Start by keeping your left hand and your left knee on the floor. Your right arm shall be straight up. You will then extend your right leg which will make your body form one straight line. Now, you will bring your right knee close to your torso. Pull the right elbow towards your knee. You will straighten your leg and arm. Repeat this workout at least 10 times and then you can switch sides. Do not exert yourself at any stage.

Side Balance Crunches

5. Sit Ups

These are one of the most common core workouts which target the hip flexors and the abs. Start by sitting on the floor. Keep your knees bent. Your heels shall touch the floor. Your hands will be on either side of your head. Your shoulders shall be relaxed so that there is no tension in the neck region. Your feet shall be firm ground as you rise up from this position. Rise up and again go down in the half-sitting position. Your butt shall not touch the floor as you go down. Take a small break of a few seconds and do ten rounds at a time as you start.

Sit Ups