5 Easy Beginners Hip Exercises For Improved Mobility And Flexibility

 Hip Exercises

Hip exercises are quite common but most of us fail to exercise for improved flexibility and mobility of the hip muscles. Those people who tend to spend several hours working at one place, drive for long periods or need quick movement, should include hip stretches in their daily fitness routine. These are quite important for bodybuilders, who need a strong core balance, look forward to good balance and require strong flexibility and quick mobility. Hip exercises help bodybuilders, sportsmen and all fitness freaks in building a healthy body and in developing strength.

Here Are 5 Easy Beginners Hip Exercises For Improved Mobility and Flexibility:

1. Lying Hip Rotations:

This is an easy workout for beginners and starts with a warm-up movement, which helps in reducing the risk of injuries. It also helps in preparing the body for the next movement. Start by lying down on your back. Your knees should be bent. You need to keep your one ankle crossed above the opposite knee. Now, you need to slowly move in and out as you stretch. In the process, you will be rotating your hip muscles in and out. Hold on for a few seconds with your hand for any assistance as you press into the knee. This exercise helps in improving blood circulation and improves the flexibility of the muscles.

Lying Hip Rotations

2. Seated Pigeon:

Sit down in a comfortable position. Your feet shall be flat on the ground and in front of you. Your knees shall be a bit bent. Now, you need to place your right ankle just on the left thigh. Slowly flex the right foot. Now, move to put your hands just behind the body. Your fingertips shall be facing away a bit from your body.

Start to press your hips a bit close to the heels. You will start feeling a good stretch at your outer left hip. Your back should be tall and your chest shall be open and in a comfortable position. You need to stay in this position for at least six breaths. You can again repeat the workout on your other side. Do this exercise at least thrice in a week for best results.

Seated Pigeon

3. Butterfly Stretch:

This is a classic stretch and is known to be quite effective for groin muscles. This exercise helps in improving the hip rotation. You need to take care that your back is upright and straight as you stretch for this workout. Start the exercise by sitting up. Keep your feet together and move your knees a bit down and try to reach the ground. You need to use your hands so that you are able to gently press into the ground. This will help in moving the groin closer to the heels. When you do this exercise, you need to work on a side, at a time. Do not rush through the workout and continue as long as you are comfortable.

Butterfly Stretch

4. Hip Raise:

This is a common stretch for the hip muscles and works on all important muscles of the hips. This is a simple exercise which is suitable for those who work long hours at one places or those who have problems related to stiff hip and pelvic muscles. Start by lying down on the mat, with your knees bent.

Your feet shall be rested comfortably on the ground. You will slowly move up your hips and extend the left leg.

Your toes should be pointed to the wall just in front of you. You need to count 1. Move your left leg out towards the left side and form a 90-degree angle. Count 1 and get to the center before you low down. You need to do this workout at least 10 times.

Switch sides and continue. Include this hip raise in your workout, at least four times in a week.

Hip Raise

5. Hip Opening:

Lie down comfortably on your back, as you start this workout. Your knees shall be bent. Your foot will be on the floor in a comfortable position. As you keep your left leg completely extended, you need to press your right foot so that you are able to shift on the left hip. This movement should be smooth and relaxed. This shall also be your start position. Now, you need to squeeze the right glutes and slowly press the left hip open.

You will strongly feel a stretch on your hip muscles. Do not exert too much at any point or you might injure yourself. You need to pause for a few seconds and then start again. This shall be one repetition. You need to do at least 6-8 repetitions. You can again repeat the workout on your opposite side.

Hip Opening