5 Easy Core Strength And Stability Exercises With Fitness Ball

5 Easy Core Strength And Stability Exercises With Fitness Ball
Are you looking forward to workouts which will help in building your core strength and stability? You can use a fitness ball for the purpose, which helps in improving your focus and brings a good balance. There are a number of core strength exercises which are simple but really effective. A fitness ball helps in strengthening your back muscles, the abdominal muscles and also all muscles around your pelvis region. As you do these exercises you need to breathe freely, keep your focus and ensure that your abs are nicely tightened. However, if you face any kind of discomfort during the workout, you should discontinue and try the exercise some other time.

Here Are 5 Easy Core Strength And Stability Exercises With Fitness Ball:

1. Side Exercise:

This is a common exercise and can be done without a fitness ball too, but using a ball improves its effectiveness. You need to lie down comfortably on the floor and your right side. The ball shall be just between the legs. You need to completely support your body using your arms, as you rest on the floor. Now, tighten the abdominal muscles as you continue doing the exercise.
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As the ball is placed in between the legs, you can raise your legs from the floor. Take a few deep breaths. You can get back to the start position and then repeat the workout. You can do the exercise as you lie down on the left side. You can do this workout at least 8-10 times.
Side Exercise

2. Stability Ball Crunches:

This is a superb exercise for all those who do not like crunches and love to stay away from them. This exercise helps in activation of abdominals and much more effectively than the regular crunches which are done. To start the workout, you need to start by sitting comfortably on a stability ball. You need to walk comfortably with your feet forward. Your thighs, neck, and shoulders shall be parallel to the ground. As you keep your neck relaxed, you will be placing the hands just behind the head. Now, keep your core muscles engaged and slowly lift up your shoulder blades off the ball.
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You should pause as soon as your body makes a 45-degree angle. You will be looking at the sky or the ceiling. You shouldn’t be putting excessive pressure on the neck. Stop for a while and then slowly lower the upper body.
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Go down comfortably. You need not worry about speed, since this workout is effective when it is done in a slow movement. You need to repeat at least 10 times.
Stability Ball Crunches

3. Abdominal Crunch:

Crunches are great when done with fitness balls as it doubles the benefits. To do this workout, you need to start the workout by sitting comfortably on a stability ball. Your feet shall be position on floor. They should be a little distance apart, preferably hip distance as it will increase the effectiveness of the workout. You can keep the back straight. You need to keep your arms in a crossed position and positioned on the chest. You should tighten the abdominal muscles in the position. You need to lean back a bit and slowly feel all muscles in your midsection tightening. This means your workout is really effective and working out on the specific areas.
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You need to take at least 10-12 breaths in this position.
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Get back to the starting position and then repeat the workout.
Abdominal Crunch

4. Stability Ball Squats:

This exercise helps in providing support to the lower back muscles, helps in building stability and works on all core muscles. Stand comfortably and place a fitness ball just in between your lower back and the wall. You need to face a bit away from the wall. You need to stand tall and relaxed as you ensure your shoulder blades are totally pulled back. Now, leaning against the wall, you need to see that your weight is on the heels. As you keep your hands on the hips, you will slowly go down and get in a squatting position. Your knees have to be bent and make a 90-degree angle. Your thighs shall be kept parallel to the ground. You will again squeeze the glutes muscles and keep your quads engaged. You need to do this movement at least 10 times.
Stability Ball Squats

5. Knee Raise:

A simple exercise which is about balancing on a fitness ball. You will keep your core braced. You need to lift your right foot up from the ground. You will also bring your right knee close to the chest. You can again slowly replace the right foot. You need to repeat the workout on your other side. This shall be one repetition. You need to do at least 10 such repetitions.
Knee Raise