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5 Easy Exercises To Lose Inches From Waist In 3 Months

Are you frustrated because you no longer fit in your old jeans? You can no longer wear your favorite dress which fitted you really well, sometime back – this means, you have added inches at your waist and it’s time to lose them all. There are a few exercises which can specifically help in losing inches from your fast and that too in just three months time. You need to do these workouts regularly and in the correct way. You will love the results in three months.

Here Are 5 Exercises To Lose Inches From Waist:

1. Waist Turns

You do not need any weight for this exercise. You will need one long pole so that you can rest your shoulders and also hang your arms. You will keep your feet at shoulder distance apart. Stand straight as you keep your feet apart, at least shoulder distance wide. You can look ahead and then turn at the wait. You can move from your left to your right and again right to left. You can do this workout as many times you can. It helps in reducing your waist size.

2. Side Bends

This is a great waist slimming workout which helps in toning and also tightening the waist. Stand, as you keep your feet wide apart. Your knees shall be a bit bent. Keep your hand on your hip. You can hold one dumbbell in your other hand. Bend at one side, and let your hand with weight, reach to the ground. You shouldn’t be moving your hips. You need to do 20 repetitions on each side and then switch sides.

3. Lower Belly Leg Reach

To do this exercise, rest on your back. You can raise your legs at 90-degree angle. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds as you squeeze your lower belly.

This will tighten your abs and also help in reducing your waist size. You can lower your legs now. You can raise your leg again and repeat the exercise at least 15 times.

If you do this regularly, you will be able to lose several inches from your waist in three months.

4. Bicycle Crunches

This workout helps in not just reducing your waist size but also helps in crunching the stomach. Start by lying down on the floor. Keep your knees bent and your hands just behind your head. Your position will be like you are starting a crunch. You can raise your legs to a table top position as you keep your knees bent. Your shin shall be parallel to the floor. You will raise your upper body and complete a crunch twist, at your waist. You will be bringing your elbow close to the other knee. Now, extend your other leg out so that you are able to touch the opposite elbow and the knee. Now, twist back to center and you can bring your leg back to the original position.

You can repeat the other side. Repeat at least 20 times.

5. Air Bicycle

This exercise helps in reducing inches from your waist quickly. You need a mat and lie down on it, on your back. Keep your hands just behind your head and then lift. Do not strain your shoulders. You will use the abs so that you are able to keep your head up. You can bring your left knee close to your right shoulder. You can then hold your right leg out. Switch the legs and repeat the exercise at least 15 times. Doing this workout everyday, will help in losing inches from your waist in a short time.


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