5 Easy Exercises To Tone Your Lower Body

Are you heavy on the hips and your thighs? Do you feel embarrassed for your lower body ? One of the most common problems faced by hundreds of people, is heaviness or excess fat deposit on the hips and thighs. All that needs to be done is focus on exercises which help not just in fat loss from the region but also helps in toning the lower body. If you have faced this problem since years and trying to get rid of this problem for long, try these exercises which will tone your lower body.

Here Are 5 Easy Exercises To Tone Your Lower Body

1. Leg Lifts

Stand and face a chair. As you are comfortable, raise your right leg. Your knees shall be faced up, your foot flexed and your heel will be on seat. Do not lock your knees as you slowly lift the right food.

As you are in this position, you need to straighten your leg as you feel stretches. Ensure your leg is lifted in air. Keep your leg bent on floor. You will straighten it again. Do this at least 15 times. This will help in reducing fat from your hips, tummy region and tone your thighs.

Leg Lifts

2. Heel Slides

Heel slides is another effective exercise which tones your lower body in a short time. Start by standing keeping your feet wide. Your toes and knees shall be turned out at a degree of 45 degrees. Your hands shall be on your hips.

You need to lower down, as you bend your knees over the toes. Slowly rise up and keep your legs extended. Slide your right heel towards the left. You will squeeze your inner things till your heels touch. Take a step back. with your right foot. You will repeat on opposite side. You need to repeat at least 10 times.

Heel Slides

3. Lunges

Lunges tone down your hips, thighs and butt muscles. They help in removing problematic ‘love handles’ in women. Start by standing with your feet at least hip wide apart. You will step a bit forward, with the right foot at least 2 feet apart. You will lift up your left foot and bend your knees together. Remain in this 90 degree angle for at least 30 seconds. You will push your right heel and get back to your right leg. You will come back to your initial position.

You will repeat using the other leg.


4. Dead-Lifts

Dead-lifts are the best exercises to tone your hamstrings and glutes. If you wish to make the exercise really effective, you can stand on a board or block. Stand as you keep your feet shoulder distance apart. Hold a barbell in your hand, just in front of your body. You can also have two barbells at the sides. Stand straight, look forward, keep your arms straight and ensure your knees are bent. Now, start bending from hip joint. Do not bend your knees or waist. Ensure that you are squeezing your glutes. Now, get back to starting position. You can do this exercise in sets of 3, each of 10 -12 repetitions.


5. Forward Bend

Stand straight, as you keep your feet at a distance apart. Your hands shall be on your hips. You will bend forward from your hip region. This will help in lengthening the front area, as your head is near your feet. You will try and reach your feet with hands. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. Get back to your starting position casually. Do 10 repetitions and sets of 3. This exercise is effective in completely toning down your lower body.

Forward Bend