5 Easy High Intensity Exercises For Beginners

As a beginner in gym training, one needs to go slow with some exercises.The body needs some time to adapt and it is necessary to reduce the chances of injuries too. Beginners should ideally do some high intensity calorie burning workouts, which are suitable for them.

These exercises do not put excessive strain, they are not difficult to executive but they assure you burn out calories. This keeps you motivated and offers a reason to continue training as the results are visible.

Here Are High Intensity Calorie Burning Exercises For Beginners:

1. Walking Lunge

Walking Lunge is one of the most effective high intensity calorie burning for beginners. Start by standing straight as you keep your feet together. Take a step forward with the right leg. Your hips shall be lowered to the floor. Bend your knees to 90 degree angles. Your back knee will be pointing to the ground.

Your front knee shall be over the ankle. You will press the right heel on ground and then push with the left foot so that your left leg goes forward. You will step in a lunge on other side.

Do two repetitions. You need to do 20 repetitions of this workout. You need to be quick which will make it a high intensity workout.


2. High Knees

You need to run in a place as you engage your core muscles and as you pump your arms. In this exercise the main objective is to ensure that the knees are high and are in an upright position. Stand in a place and lift up your legs as high as possible, as you bend from the knees. Your knees shall form a 90 degree angle from the ground. Lift your legs alternately. Count 25 for each leg.


3. Stair Climbing

This is a high intensity workout for beginners which can be done at home and in just ten minutes. You simply need to run up stairs and come down at the ame pace. This exercise works out the whole body, tones the backside and builds stamina for future training sesssions. Running for 3 minutes and take a break for 1 minute and again run. You need to do this for ten minutes at a stretch, three times in a week.


4. Sit Ups

This is an easy high intensity workout suitable for beginners. This works out your lower abdominal muscles and thighs too. Start by standing with a fit a bit apart from one another. Keep your hands on your hips. Start going down by folding your knees. Go down till you are in a squatting position and come up again. Do this quickly in sets of 10 each. You can do this three times at a stretch. This is a great exercise to burn calories. Do the sit-ups as quickly as you can which will increase the intensity and make the exercise quite effective.


5. Leg Raises

This workout helps in reducing excess fat from the hips, abdominal region, stomach and thighs. You will be on your all fours. Your palm shall be on ground and they should be at least shoulder distant apart. Do not let your back rise above the ground. Keep the core muscles engaged as you will slowly bend your right knee. You can lift your leg up till your right thigh is quite parallel to floor. You will slowly lower your back down and get to the start position.

This shall be on repetition. You need to do this 25 times on your right and then left.