5 Easy Muscle Building Exercises For Back

Everyone love to tone their arms, chest, thighs and shoulder muscles – but remember our back muscles need our love too! You are never going to achieve that perfect figure which you have always craved for, if you ignore your back muscles. It is extremely important to maintain a strong posture, enjoy great muscular balance and show off a compact core. There are specific muscle building exercises which are specially designed for the back muscles.

Best Back Muscle Building Exercises

Bent Over Rows

One of the most effective and popular exercises, which helps in toning your back and building muscles, just for the perfect back. Start by standing straight, as you keep your feet apart, at least shoulder distant apart. You need to bend your knees lightly and keep head up. Bend down, but do not bend parallel to floor.

You will let down the weight hand, just below the chest. Remember to keep your palms facing towards you, as you slowly lift your weight. You need to utilize your back muscles at this point, to touch your chest, as your elbow is tucked quite close to body. You will then lower your weight and repeat the exercise.

Barbell Deadlifts

This is an integral part of weight training since it is very effective in burning fat and building solid muscles, especially at the back. This workout helps by targeting the back muscles and offers greater stability. To start, start bending your knees to lower so as to grab the bar. As you lift heavy, keep your hands opposite, with one facing in while the other faces out.

As you lift, you need to lift weight with legs. You need to keep your focus perfectly in glutes, leg muscle group and your hips. Your back should be straight and you should be standing straight. Keep your arms completely extended down and your weight has to be close to body. As you start rising, you need to hold your weight and again lower it, completely in control.

Seated Cable Row

You need a low pulley row machine which has a V bar for this exercise. Start leaning as you maintain your natural alignment of back. You can grab the V bar handles for additional support. As you keep your arms extended, you need to slowly pull back, till your torso is at right angle from your legs. Keep repeating the movement to workout back muscles.

Pull Up Wide Grip

This is a great exercise which lays emphasis on the upper lats. This workout offers a longer motion range, which helps in fat loss and muscle building. If you are habituated in doing pull ups, you will need to have a weighted belt for this exercise. You can also use assisted pull up machine for this exercise which offers a wider grip. If you do not suffer from shoulder pain related problems, you can pull behind your head.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

A great exercise which offers good contraction to your back muscles. It is also a good way to isolate and also focus on a side of your back. You can use a bench to kneel down. You can support yourself using your free hand. Move a bit so that your body is parallel to floor. Allow the dumbbell to hang as your arms are extended. You will now draw weight, close to touch your chest.

Your palms shall face your body, as you keep your elbows well tucked in. Now, release this weight and slowly extend the arm and bring it under your control. You will notice, your body weight, grip and angle changing with change in difficulty level and degree also.


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