5 Easy Steps Of Knee Push Ups

push ups

Knee push is a modified form of normal push up where you perform push ups with your knees bent on the floor. Here the weight and resistance of your upper body is used to build strength and stamina of the body. The muscles of the upper body like deltoids, triceps and pectorals are involved in doing this push ups. Generally women find it hard to do normal push ups.

Knee push up is a simpler and easy way to begin with. When you have undergone any knee treatment or had been suffered from an injury then knee push ups would be easy for you to perform than general push ups. Once you feel easy doing this exercise you can also try to do standard push ups. A combination of standard and knee push ups will be good.

In This Article We Will Tell You About Five Easy Steps To Do Knee Push Ups

Initial Position

Lie on the floor with your stomach touching the floor. Keep your feet and legs close and in relaxed position.

Now cross both of your lower legs together.


Positioning Of Palms

Keep your right palm next to the right shoulder and left palm next to the left shoulder. Palms should touch the floor. Elbows should be perpendicular to the floor with shoulder width distance between them.


Muscle Tightening

Tighten the muscles of your abdominal and core muscles. Now raise the upper torso to make a straight line. Your head, neck, chest, abdomen, hip and thighs should be in one straight line and in raised position from the floor.


Use Of Elbow

Use the strength of your elbows to lower your upper body such that your chest is just two inches above the floor. Don’t squeeze your shoulders when coming down.

Only the elbows will bend. The position of knees would be fixed on the floor and would not shift from its position.



Repeat the push ups for ten times and then come to the relaxing position with complete body resting on the floor.


Start with fifteen minutes daily and then gradually increase the time to get desired results. The pathway to recovery is not a big deal if you possess the valour and determination to succeed every battle of life!