5 Easy Twist Exercises For Women To Tone Ab Muscles

Twist exercises can be best described as simple workouts which help in activating the oblique muscles. Obliques are one of the most difficult to train muscles. These are abdominal muscles which tend to accumulate the most fat in women. These muscles need regular workout not just to maintain good health, they need to be toned for better movement and flexibility. Women athletes specially focus on their ab muscles for complete strength and for building the effectiveness of workouts.

Here Are 5 Easy Twist Exercises For Women To Tone Ab Muscle:

1. Weighted Seat Twist:

This is an easy exercise which can be done by beginners too. It is all about twisting the spine from a side to another, while you are in a seated position. You can use dumbbells as a weight which helps in training in a better, effective way. You can also use a body bar for the purpose. To do this workout, you need to start the workout by sitting straight on any specific exercise bench. Your feet shall be completely flat on floor. You need to hold the bar just across the shoulders.

You can also place these dumbbells on your shoulders. You can hold on to these as your elbows are kept bent. Your spine needs to be in a straight position and then you can rotate towards the left. You will rotate your body back towards the center. You need to twist again towards the right. Repeat the movement 8-10 times.

Weighted Seat Twist

2. Criss Cross:

This workout is commonly known as a crunch workout which is actually an easy twist. It helps in targeting the specific muscles and also helps in strengthening these muscles. Start the workout as you lie down flat on the back. Your feet will be on floor and your knees shall be bent. Your abs need to be tight. Your lower back will be pressed on the ground. Now, you need to slowly place your hands behind the head. You will not lace the fingers but slowly move up your upper back and head from the floor. Slowly move up your feet from the floor. Now, straighten the left leg as your right leg is bent.

At this point, you will twist and then touch the left elbow towards the right knee.


You can again straighten your right leg. You can bend your left leg and slowly twist and also touch your right elbow towards the left knee. You can again increase the speed of the movement. You need to keep alternating the sides. You need to repeat as many times you can and repeat really fast.

Criss Cross

3. Oblique Twists:

This is an alternate oblique sit up routine which helps in activating the relevant muscles. You need to start by lying down face upwards on floor. Your feet shall be completely flat on floor. Your knees shall be bent. Keep your hands just behind the head so that your neck is well supported. You need to curl your head and the shoulders.

They can be curled towards the ceiling. You can again rotate them towards your left.

Now, slowly twist a bit back towards the center. You can return to floor. Keep alternating the sides, so that you are able to twist in the best possible way. You need to do this at least 8-10 times when you are starting.

Oblique Twists

4. Hip Twists:

This is a must for women who have abdominal weight gain related problems. This workout helps in targeting the lower belly fat. It also helps in working out the core muscles. Start by lying down in a plank position. Your arms shall be straight. Your shoulder blades shall be back and your body in a complete straight line. Now, start twisting the hips and tap your right hip towards the floor. You can again twist to your left and again tap your left hip towards the floor.

You need to keep alternating the sides. This should be done for at least one minute.

Hip Twists

5. Machine Lying Twist:

This is a simple twist which will help in targeting the obliques as you rotate your upper body. You will be rotating your upper body from a side to another, as you lie down on machine. You can lie down with your face up on machine. Now, rest your head and your back comfortably on the pad. You need to hold on the handles, with your palms facing in. Your knees shall be bent. Your foot shall rest on the foot rest. Now, in this position, you will be twisting towards the left but not stopping in the center. This shall be one repetition. You need to do 6-8 such repetitions.

Machine Lying Twist